ONGC Energy Centre (OEC) invites interested academic and research institutions in the country to jointly work with OEC on  development of novel process for microbial conversion of carbon dioxide to glucose and/ or 6/ 5/ 4/ 3 carbon sugars employing biological component and thereafter to study the efficiency of the developed process.

The following are the proposed Objectives/ Scope and Key Deliverables for the proposed project work.

Proposed Objectives/ Scope:

  • Development of novel process for proof-of-concept for carbon dioxide conversion to D-glucose and/ or 6/ 5/ 4/ 3 carbon sugars employing biological component.
  • The optimization of process parameters.
  • Quantitative assessment for % conversion of carbon dioxide to D-glucose and/ or hexose.
  • Toxicological studies of cultures/ materials to be used in the process.
  • Characterization of end product and bi-product formed (if any).
  • The process developed should be repeatable, reproducible and scalable up to 1 liter flask for pilot trials. This should be demonstrated through experimental results.
  • Documentation of the process, data collection and analysis.
  • Feasibility studies of the process developed including energy input to energy output ratio.

Proposed Key Deliverables

  • Design and demonstration of optimized process.
  • To generate D-glucose and/ or 6/ 5/ 4/ 3 carbon sugars.
  • Projections for scale up.

Interested organizations may please send a concept note (about 4 pages) giving information of proposed scope, methodology, time frame, energy consumption estimation and deliverables (including tentative/targeted specifications of the material proposed to be developed) to