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  • To support responsible and sustainable initiatives, while taking care of the concern for People, Planet and Profit.


  • Continually enhance the triple bottom line benchmarks of economic, environmental and social performance through committed involvement of the employees.
  • To develop social wealth for the communities we engage with.
  • Promote efficient usage of scarce resources, encourage green energy initiatives and develop innovative solutions to fulfil the vision by stepping beyond the mandatory provisions.


  • To understand the stakeholder expectations through structured engagement process and communication strategy and leverage this understanding to develop and implement outcome based and impact oriented projects in the select areas.
  • To adopt Environmentally Sustainable business practices in ONGC’s normal operations with a view to gradually reduce our carbon and water footprint, innovative management of waste, prudent energy management and biodiversity conservation.
  • To envision, execute and manage long enduring projects with a wide geographical spread and larger social impact with focus on inclusive growth of marginalized and deprived sections of the society.
  • To create adequately empowered organizational structure and a system of management oversight, review and control.
  • To persuade our business partners for adopting similar practices for CSR and Sustainable development.