S. No. Title of Patent Institutions
1 Hydrogen Production Method By Multi-Step Copper-Chlorine Thermochemical Cycle (Nat’l: 1973/MUM/2011, PCT/IN2012/000483)
Int’l(*): Granted in  India, USA, Japan, Canada, Korea and China
OECT and ICT, Mumbai
2 Effect of Operating Parameters on The Performance of Electrochemical Cell In Copper-Chlorine Cycle (Nat’l:1974/MUM/2011, PCT/IN2012/000485)
Int’l (*): Granted in India, USA, Japan and Canada  
OECT and ICT, Mumbai
3 Electrochemical Cell Used For The Production Of Copper Using Cu-Cl Thermochemical Cycle (Nat’l:1975/MUM/2011, PCT/IN2012/000486)
Int’l (*): Granted in  USA, Japan, Canada, U.K. and China 
OECT and ICT, Mumbai
4 Process for conversion of Sulfur Trioxide and Hydrogen production  (201611014896) OECT and IIT - Delhi
5 Catalyst composition for conversion of Sulfur Trioxide and Hydrogen production process (201611014898) OECT and IIT - Delhi
6 Highly active supported bimetallic (Ni-Pt) catalyst for hydrogen iodide (HI) decomposition and synthesis procedure thereof  (2259/DEL/2014) OECT and IIT - Delhi
7 Vanadia supported Pt catalyst and use thereof for hydrogen-iodide decomposition in sulfur-iodine (I-S) cycle for hydrogen production. (2308/DEL/2014) OECT and IIT - Delhi
8 A Process for the Bioconversion of Lignite to Humic Acid (405/KOL/2011) OECT and IIT - Kharagpur
9 Strategic Enhancement of Lignite Biomethanation by Fungal Pretreatment (596/KOL/2013) OECT and IIT - Kharagpur
10 Development of a novel anaerobic consortium for biomethane production from lignite (611/KOL/2013) OECT and IIT - Kharagpur
11 Methane production from underground coal bed methane wells (201611034721) OECT and TERI, Delhi
12 “A molten salt composition for high temperature thermal energy storage” (App. No. TEMP/E-1/16333/2017-MUM) OECT and ICT, Mumbai

(*) All International Patents are filed in 6 countries: USA, Japan, Canada, China, UK and Korea