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Business games

In order to overcome their managerial professional skills in the current competitive scenario, the annual organizing program for the officials of ONGC is being held for the officers from 2007.

In the initial round of this three-tier exercise, ONGC is included on-line business quiz simultaneously on the SAP platform. The four executives included for the quiz include the multi-dimensional teams competing at the regional level through the winners of the initial stage through study presentations of the case and professional games. The winners of this round are eligible for the finals of the game, which includes Business Games, Business Quiz and Case Studies.

Cash award is given to the team emerging as the winners at the regional level, while the final winners are honored by the CMD on the Republic Day celebrations, along with the group awards at ONGC headquarter, Dehradun.

Fun Team Games

During the year 2010-11, ONGC has introduced fun team games (FTG) competitions for non-executive officers to increase business awareness among class 3, 4 and level employees. The format of the game consists of four multi-disciplinary groups of members.

The purpose of these competitions is to inspire the soul of the multi-disciplinary team; Encourage the organization to promote employee harmony and relation. The competition has been organized at three levels, i.e. initial screening at the work center level including the on-line business quiz, together on all SAP platforms on ONGC, after level 2 competition and finally, national level competition level II Contest includes team building exercises and includes national level outbound exercises.

National winner has been honored by C & M of Republic Day celebrations in Dehradun.