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Call for Collaboration Development of Hydro Kinetic Turbine by OEC

Call for Collaboration: Design, Development and Testing of an Electricity Generating System for harnessing the kinetic energy of flowing water streams

ONGC Energy Centre proposes to Design, Develop and Test an Electricity Generating Systems for harnessing the kinetic energy of flowing water streams.

The following are the broad features and performance requirements of the proposed system.

Technology Suitable to harness kinetic energy of flowing waters from Open channels, Rivers, Canals, Tail  race of Dams
Water velocity Minimum of 1 m/s and the system should remain stable in velocities up to5m/s
Net Power Output

3 - 5 kW at 220 V, 50 Hz at water surface speed of 1.5 - 2.0 m/s of the freely flowing waters

It  should  be possible  to  transmit power to bank of river/canal through suitable cables to energize any motor or other electrical appliances.

Water to Power Efficiency = > 45% when measured at water surface  speed of 1.5 -2.0m/s, measured within   the operating influence area of the system.
Submergence Capable to adjust submergence. The system   should be sub merged preferably> 40%.
Anchoring Possible  to  anchor about  a  meter away from the bank
Operation and Maintenance Requirements The  system  in waters  for  regular operations  and   withdraw for repairs/maintenance.

It should be designed in a manner that maintenance can be done on board either by reaching through a boat or by anchoring the system to the bank of the river/canal.

The system when  moored and working should have a mechanism to allow maintenance crew to board and de-board the system.

The system should have the capability to  handle  floating debris  so  as to prevent them from entering the blade area.

Safety Features / Requirements

The system should be safe, stable and operational in  water  speeds up  to 5m/s.

There  should be a  provision for automatic breaking in the event of excess water   velocity (>5m/s), turbulence or obstruction in the water flow.

It should have a safety net at the rear of the system to rescue accidental fall of personnel.


Measuring equipment to  record  on real  time  basis in  a  data logger, parameters like inlet and outlet water velocity at different points of contact, torque  developed, RPM, power, voltage, current, pH value of water, air velocity etc. should be mounted on- board with digital display and USB or RS 232 output (preferably both)  for connecting to data logger system.

Performance Testing

The initial performance testing of the system is to be done in a test bed for measuring the efficiency and performance under  standard test conditions.

The system  should be tested  in flowing  waters  in a  river/canal/tail race etc. for a period of one year

ONGC Energy Centre (OEC) invites interested academic/research/industrial organizations to jointly work on this developmental project with ONGC Energy Centre. The proposed work also envisages simulation studies to assist in optimization of the design and sizing of the system.

Interested organizations are requested to send a technical note (about 4 pages) giving their views on the proposed broad features and performance requirements of the Electricity Generating Systems for harnessing the kinetic energy of flowing water streams to be jointly developed. This note should also include the proposed methodology and outline of design approach for further discussions with OEC.

Please send your response to: