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ओएनजीसी ने तीन महत्वपूर्ण तेल एवं गैस खोजों पर हमला किया अरब सागर सुविधाओं का उन्नयन करने के लिए 4050 करोड़

In its 241st Meeting on 20th March, 2013, ONGC Board took note of three significant new discoveries which have been notified:
1. Vanaduru South # 1: (West Godavari PML block, in KG Onland Basin)

Exploratory well Vanaduru South # 1 in West Godavari PML block of KG Onland Basin, 8 km north-west of Bantumillli town of West Godavari district in the state of Andhra Pradesh was drilled to a depth of 3691 meter. On testing the interval of 3628 – 3634m in Nandigama formation, oil was produced @ 181 bopd and gas @ 51, 772 m3/day through 6 mm bean. The oil is of very high quality with API gravity of 49.20.

This discovery augments the High Pressure – High Temperature (HP-HT) play potential established through Malleswaram and Bantumilli South discoveries. It also adds a large area of South-Eastern flank of Kaikalur Lingala high to the high potential area of this play.

2. KG-OSN-04-NASA # 1: (Saveri # 1) (NELP block KG-OSN-2004/1, in KG shallow offshore Basin)

Exploratory well KG-OSN-04-NASA # 1 (Saveri # 1) in NELP block KG-OSN-2004/1 (NELP-VI in 2004) of KG shallow offshore Basin, 25 km south of Narsapur, was drilled to a depth of 2669.43 m.

On testing the interval, 2537 – 2543 m, gas flowed @ 4,09,453 m3/day through 3/8” choke. Another interval, 2246.5m - 2250m, also flowed gas @4,74,722 m3/d and condensate of 51.2° API gravity @ 72 bopd through ½” choke. This high potential discovery augments the hydrocarbon volumes established through two earlier discoveries namely Chandrika South and Alankari in the block and is a significant boost to ONGC’s efforts towards attaining critical hydrocarbon volumes for viability of a possible ‘cluster based development’ for the block.

3. AD # 37 (ADAO) in Agartala Dome Extension – II PML, in Tripura state

Exploratory well AD # 37 (ADAO) in Agartala Dome Extension – II PML, 12 Km south-west of Agartala in Tripura state was drilled to a depth of 3500 m. The interval 2809.5 – 2806 m in Middle Bhuban formation, on conventional testing produced gas @1,08,576 m3/day through 6 mm bean. This discovery results in consolidation of play met in earlier discovery in AD # 30 well and opens western flank of Agartala Dome up to Konaban for further exploration.

In the same meeting, ONGC Board also decided to invest over Rs 4050 crore to upgrade western offshore facilities (on the Arabian Sea) through two major projects as under:

a) Revamp of Unmanned Platforms Phase – II in Mumbai High and Neelam & Heera Asset

With the implementation of various redevelopment projects in Western Offshore, the fields are expected to be on production beyond 2030. The existing infrastructural facilities would be required to be in service beyond 2030 for Western Offshore fields, which is much more than the design life of these facilities. Hence revamping / retrofitting of these facilities in a phased manner is essential to maintain the production of oil and gas from Mumbai High and Heera fields. In this context, and on the basis of technical requirement worked out based on the condition, age and modernization needs to produce from these fields in the years to come, 48 platforms of Mumbai High and Neelam & Heera Asset have been identified for revamping at a cost of Rs 2,913.10 crores. The total revamp job is expected to be completed by pre-monsoon 2016

b) Turnaround/ Reconstruction (TARC) of BPA/BPB Complexes

Two major process complexes, BPA and BPB in the prolific Bassein & Satellite field of ONGC in western offshore were commissioned in 1987 and 1989 respectively. Both Complexes handle and process acidic and corrosive gas (with H2S) for onward dispatch to Hazira Gas processing plant of ONGC. Also both the complexes have already covered /covering the normal design life of 25 years. As per prevailing Refurbishment Policy based on recommendations of statutory bodies, it is proposed to carry out revamping for various Static equipment and Pipelines of these two complexes. While the revamping job of BPB is planned to be completed in 2013-14, the same for BPA is scheduled for completion in 2014-15. The total project cost is estimated at Rs 1,138.50 crores.

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