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ओएनजीसी निदेशक (एक्सप्लोरेशन) संयुक्त राष्ट्र विशेषज्ञ समूह के लिए चुने गए वाइस चेयर

Narendra K Verma, Director (Exploration), ONGC has been elected as Vice Chair of the Expert Group on UNECE for Resource Classification. The election for Verma came in the 5th session of the Expert Group held in Geneva.

The Expert Group elected a Bureau to take over from the end of the 5th Session for a term of 2 years. Mr. Narendra K Verma has been appointed to this Bureau as one of the Vice Chairs of this elite Expert Group.

The key benefit of UNFC-2009 is the potential to provide a common basis for the mineral and petroleum sectors, whose classification systems have been developed primarily for the mining of solids and the production of fluids respectively, and must now address the increasing overlap between the two extractive industries.