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कोलंबिया मीडिया ने ओएनजीसी भारी तेल विशेषज्ञता को प्रोत्साहित किया

A Colombian Media Team tasted the first-hand experience of ONGC’s operational  excellence and expertize in heavy oil production on 28 October 2015 in the  field installations of Mehsana.

ED-Asset Manager Utpal Bora and his team with Columbian Media delegationED-Asset Manager Utpal Bora and his team with Columbian Media delegation

They  were accorded a warm welcome by ED-Asset Manager Mr Utpal Bora, who organized a  presentation on Enhanced oil Recovery (EOR) system for them. Colombia needs  suitable technology for heavy oil extraction and it is well known that ONGC  Mehsana has the required EOR expertise to do the same.

Later,  the Media team visited the Santhal (Main) plant, which is famous for EOR  application and a well, from which oil is produced through EOR system.

In Santhal (Main) PlantIn Santhal (Main) Plant


The  media team was so pleased with the visit at the highest producing onshore that  they commented, “Great experience. We have learnt a lot about your technology.  Hope, we can show it to the people in Colombia, so that they can know your work  and how experience making easier the oil production in the world.”

The Comment by the Media team!The Comment by the Media team!"

The  Columbian media team visited ONGC Mehsana under the aegis of ONGC Videsh Ltd.  (OVL). The media representatives from Columbia, Ms Lillian Marino, Ms Elsa Maria  and Mr Edmar Tovar, all of whom are associated with influential media houses of  the oil-rich country of South America, werebeing guided in India by Mr N.S.  Phukon, GGM – Country Manager, OVL Columbia.

The  media team is hosted by Mansarovar Energy Columbia Ltd (MECL),which is a 50:50  joint Venture between ONGC Amazon Alaknanda Limited established by OVL from  India and Sinopec international petroleum E&P Hong Kong Overseas Ltd.

A picture for the album around the WellA picture for the album around the Well

MECL  is the operator with 50% participation in Nare association Columbia’s National  oil Company.

With  a view to strengthen MECL’s image and credibility as a company with skills,  capabilities and strong shareholder’s support, the Board members of MECL have  advised to adopt a strategic communication plan.

It  is extremely important for MECL to project itself through linking with the  media for strategic business growth highlighting its operational excellence and  expertise in heavy oil business. The media in Columbia has a strong influence  on the decision making process.

MECL,  therefore, proposed a visit of media delegates to India for first hand  familiarization by visiting ONGC’s production fields/ installations with a view  to showcase ONGC’s strength and report back the same to Columbian Media.