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A section of media has reported that ONGC has made a big discovery of crude oil, in Balia District of Uttar Pradesh. The names of Mr. Krishna Gopal and Mr. Tara Chand also are mentioned in these reports.

The above-referred media report is incorrect. To set the facts right, it is informed that a team of ONGC executives visited areas in eastern UP and Bihar, during 27 June to 3 July 2021, for a ground check. The purpose of the visit was to identify prospective areas and examine the opportunity to expand exploratory activities in the hitherto unexplored domains there.

In the process of work, during casual interaction with the locals, where the visiting executives, upon being asked, identified themselves being from ONGC. On queries on the working of ONGC, the locals were informed that ONGC is a company which explores for oil and gas. 

This was a preliminary survey and the ONGC executives neither, had any formal interaction with any authority or media, nor gave any statement, as is being attributed to them, through the media reports.

The media reports do not have any substance of truth so far as working of ONGC in Uttar Pradesh is concerned. The detailed activities which have been reported are general statement and are no way reflecting current activities of ONGC in Uttar Pradesh.

Issued by
Corporate Communications
ONGC, New Delhi

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