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Scaling Mt. Everest is an achievement in itself. However, on 28 May 2017 at 08:00 hrs IST, the brave trio of Prabhat Gaurav, Santosh Kumar Singh and Nirmal Kumar from ONGC not only scaled the peak with the Indian tri-color, but also left their indelible mark in the history of Everest by becoming the first climbers to completely recite the Indian National Anthem and the slogan “Bharat Mata ki Jai” at the peak without the aid of oxygen masks. This brave act of theirs secured a place for them in the prestigious Limca Book of Records 2019, page number 40.

Three ONGCians enter Limca Book of Records for reciting National Anthem at Mt. Everest

It was only these three climbers who were at the Everest and also successfully scaled the peak Everest. Braving the challenges, with extremely low oxygen and extremely harsh weather conditions, the trio unfurled the Indian National Flag - tricolour at the peak of Mt. Everest 8848m/29029ft, above sea level. Upon unfurling the flag, they removed their oxygen masks and sang the complete Indian National Anthem, ‘Jana Gana Mana’ at the top of the mountain within 48 seconds. With all their might, they also called out the slogan ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ (Hail Mother India). The total duration of reciting the National Anthem and the slogan was 53 seconds. This is the very first time, this combination has been completely recited at Mt. Everest.

The ONGCian trio at Mt. Everest

EE (E) Prabhat Gaurav posted at Ankleshwar, Sr. Security Officer Santosh Kumar Singh posted at Mumbai & EE(M) Nirmal Kumar posted at Mumbai were part of the ONGC’S Mission Everest.

In the thin atmosphere on Everest’s peak, 29,029 feet up, each breath pulls in less than a third of the oxygen of a breath at sea level. At such a level, breathing rate increases as the body tries to pull in more oxygen. Physical tasks become extremely hard because muscles require oxygen and breathing requires much extra effort. Even with oxygen cylinders, even though one is safe but not comfortable. However these brave hearts, battled these challenges - relying on natural oxygen (without Oxygen Mask at the time of recitation), amidst the wind speed around 40-45mph and temp is -40,-45, sang the anthem and recited the slogan.When a normal human being shivers and gets jittery even with the challenge of such an environment, these boys nailed it to their credit and secured their names to the prestigious Limca Book of Records 2019.

Citation given by Limca Book of records

Ask them, what motivated them to take that risk at the highest peak? They swell with pride and say “It is the love and commitment for our motherland – India. “ All the young executives of ONGC have undergone extensive and rigorous mountaineering training; however, the essence to leave these indelible imprints on Mt. Everest is sheer passion, will power and commitment. They have dedicated this feat to the brave families of the ONGC martyrs who laid their life in the service of this great Nation.

In 2017, ONGC’s employee website reports.ongc.co.in, ONGC Chief Engineer Nirmish Thaker (cartoonist) and ONGCReports Editor DGM (CC) Debasish Mukherjee had also entered the Limca Book of Records for making the website the first in the country to publish Cartoons specific to petroleum industry.