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ONGC Pavilion grabs limelight at GEOIndia 2022

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) had installed its pavilion during the 3-days event of GEOIndia 2022 in the premise of JECC, Jaipur. The pavilion was installed to showcase the functioning of ONGC and highlight its initiatives taken to boost the energy sector while minimizing the carbon footprints.

The pavilion was inaugurated by Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Hardeep Singh Puri. Among the other petroleum companies, who had set their camps at the event, ONGC’s pavilion grabbed the limelight for its futuristic design, interactive panels and other creative ideas executed at the setup.  Many of the eminent delegates like Prof. Dronamraju Sharma from University of Houston praised the ONGC pavilion for its creativity.

Honorable Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Hardeep Singh Puri inaugurating the ONGC’s pavilionHonorable Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Hardeep Singh Puri inaugurating the ONGC’s pavilion

ONGC’s  pavilion at the event of GEOIndia 2022ONGC’s pavilion at the event of GEOIndia 2022

‘Oil and Gas Hunt’, a prototype game, launched by ONGC at its exhibition became the highlight of the event. The philosophy behind designing the game was to make people understand about the fragility, unpredictability and risk involved in an upstream company. The intention was to make people understand the importance of oil and gas so that they may use it wisely. The game has been a very good example of infotainment by an oil and gas industry that not only informs people about the industry but also entertains them by providing an amusing experience.

Visitors experiencing ‘Oil and Gas Hunt’ gameVisitors experiencing ‘Oil and Gas Hunt’ game

Another highlight of the exhibition were the virtual reality shows experienced by the visitors at ONGC’s pavilion.  VR sets were installed at the pavilion to let people experience the thrill of deep water where ONGC’s operations are being carried out. Videos of onshore explorations were also played to give a glimpse about the kind of work done by ONGCians to extract of hydrocarbons.

Visitors taking the VR experience at ONGC’s pavilionVisitors taking the VR experience at ONGC’s pavilion

Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Hardeep Singh Puri taking VR experience installed at the ONGC’s pavilionMinister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Hardeep Singh Puri taking VR experience installed at the ONGC’s pavilion

At center of the ONGC’s pavilion, there was a pillar made of multiple screens with circular fascia screen at its top and rectangular screens at the corners of its surface. They were used to showcase the quotes of our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Honorable Mr Puri. Movies made about the functioning of ONGC were also shown at the pillar screen.

Centre of the pavilionCentre of the pavilion

ONGC is committed to reduce the carbon footprints and bring inclusive growth in society.  In line with the 17 SDGs set by UNDP, ONGC has taken many initiatives to reduce poverty, minimize pollution and boost economic growth.  ONGC placed an interactive panel at its pavilion to showcase all those initiatives. Glimpses of Honorable Prime Minister, along the many initiatives he has taken to tackle climate change like ‘Panchamrit’, were also displayed at the panel. ONGC’s Energy Strategy 2040 regarding minimizing carbon footprint was also part of the contents at the interactive panel.

Interactive panels at the pavilionInteractive panels at the pavilion

New and Emerging Technologies used in exploration were also at the panel. Exploration is a time and energy consuming task. Through this panel, an idea about the technologies like AI, Remote Sensing and others was highlighted. It helped in familiarizing users about the technologies and innovation used by ONGC to explore new fields of hydrocarbon in less time with maximum gains.

ONGC corporate films were continuously shown on a large digital screen installed at the pavilion of ONGC. There were few more digital screens at the setup showcasing the works related to Corporate Social Responsibility executed by ONGC. Many other initiatives related to CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage) and technological innovations undertaken by ONGC were also displayed in those digital screens.

“GEO India 2022”, the 5th South Asian Geosciences Conference and Exhibition was organized by the Association of Petroleum Geologists (APG) India at JECC, Jaipur from 14th October 2022 to 16th October 2022 at JECC, Jaipur.

Fig08 Some glimpses of the pavilionSome glimpses of the pavilion