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IADC WELL SHARP Course: Driller and Supervisor level

WCS at IDT, Dehradun acquired IADC accreditation in June 1998 for conducting well control courses. The Well Control Accreditation Program of IADC is based on the principle that proper training, emphasizing the knowledge & practical skills critical to successful well control, produces competent rig crews. The IADC WellSharp program, which evolved from previously known IADC Well CAP was revamped and rejuvenated, the WellSharp program represents an industry-led effort to redefine well control training in a  more systematic & unique standard.



Surface Stack

  • Driller Level
  • Supervisor Level
  • Driller & Supervisor with work-over supplement


The course duration is five days. Course starts on Monday at 0930 hrs. and finishes on Friday at 1730 hrs. For first four days there is extensive class room teaching followed by practical sessions on full size derrick floor simulator. Assignment containing questions pertaining to day's curriculum are given to the participants & discussion on assignment is taken up the next morning.

Day 1 Basic Mathematics, U Tube Concept, Normal & amp; Abnormal pressures, LOT, MAASP, Kick indicators, Top hole drilling, Line-Up, FOSV , IBOP, Shut in procedures & Simulator Practice
Day 2 Assignment discussion, Shut in pressures, Recording of kick data, Influx behaviour, Slow circulation rate, Drillers' and Wait & Weight Method & Simulator Practice
Day 3 Assignment discussion, Kick Sheet, Ram & Annular preventer, Diverter, Sub - sea BOP, Function and Pressure Testing of BOP & Simulator Practice
Day 4 Assignment discussion, BOP Control Unit and Trouble shooting, MGS, Vacuum Degasser, Unusual Situations in well control, Rig visit & Simulator Practice
Day 5 Assignment discussion, IADC written exam & Simulator Test

IADC Well Sharp Examination

IADC Certification program consists of online exam and the simulator practical test, conducted on the last day of the course. A participant has to score minimum of 70% marks to qualify for the IADC certificate. If candidate score from 50 % to 69 %, one reassessment can be made available within forty-five (45) days of the original assessment date. The trainee does not pass the course unless he/she passes the reassessment. Validity of the IADC certificate is two years.