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oil drilling company in india

ONGC is one of the leading oil drilling companies in India. Drilling services account for more than 55 per cent of ONGC’s capex.

ONGC operates some 105 drilling and 74 work over rigs. It is among the few companies in the world to have drilled 127 deepwater wells in diverse and challenging areas, establishing itself as one of the leading oil drilling companies in India.

There has been a major progress in terms of technology infusion – introduction of Under-Balanced Drilling, use of Advanced Hybrid Bits, resource optimization through Batch Drilling in Offshore & Pad Drilling in Onshore.

In order to have a more focused approach towards onshore, offshore (shallow waters) and offshore (deep waters) operations a new concept 'Company within Company' has been rolled out to bring about operational efficiency in offshore drilling operations.

An in-house innovative PLC controlled Safety System for Travelling block movement has been successfully installed on an on-shore drilling rig.

Oil drilling company

Well drilling & Work-over operations

Radial drilling, a productivity improving drilling technology, has been carried out in four wells for the first time to enhance reach in the reservoir and increasing flow path.

Hydro fracturing technology has been playing crucial role in enhancing productivity of the wells all around the world. So ONGC, being a mainstream oil drilling company, plans for execution of HF jobs in low potential wells, which were not economically viable earlier and may be taken up now due to lower cost of the job.

Well testing & Stimulation

Well Stimulation Services in ONGC has indigenized products worth nearly 9.8 million and developed 10 vendors in the process. It has also saved 364.4 million through use of indigenous equipment and services in its Make in India efforts, keeping up to its position of a leading oil drilling company in India.

Rig BHEL 120 VI of Well Services was successfully refurbished thereby adding a fresh lease of life to the Workover Rig.

Successful fracturing of deepest and highest temperature well at Rajahmundry was carried out by in-house team (depth of 4069.5 Mts and BHT – 165.5°C) using in-house developed fracture fluid for this high temperature.