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Introductory Well control Rotary Drilling courses

IWCF Drilling Level 2 Well Control and IADC Well Sharp Drilling operations Introductory Level

We are conducting Introductory Rotary Drilling course for Derrick man and Floor man level which may directly contribute for detection or control of a well influx.

Please note that Introductory Well Control Certificate is a prerequisite for candidates who are:

  1. Obtaining IWCF certification for the first time
  2. Wishing to progress to Level 3.

Course Overview

Course Duration:      5 Days

The aim of this course is to provide a basic understanding of the features of drilling a well and the fundamental principles involved in maintaining well control. The course is delivered through presentation of a series of interactive lectures supported by videos and animations, supplemented by a classroom assignments and further self-study exercises.

Successful completion of the course and examination will result in IWCF Level 2 / IADC Drilling operations Introductory certification which is valid for five years.

Basic Mathematics, U Tube Concept, Normal , Abnormal pressures, LOT, MAASP, Kick indicators, Top hole drilling, Line-Up, FOSV , IBOP, Shut in procedures.
Shale shaker management, Shut in pressures, Recording of kick data, Slow circulation rate, flow rate management.
Assignment discussion, Mud pit management, Importance of proper communication in transfer of mud. Drillers' and Wait & Weight Method.
Assignment discussion, BOP Control Unit and Trouble shooting, MGS, Vacuum Degasser.
Unusual Situations in well control, & responsibilities during well control event, Ram, Annular preventer, Diverter, Function and Pressure Testing of BOP, Use of flow indicator, choke.
Assignment discussion, Online exam, videos/discussion on case study.