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Employee Engagement Initiative

Project Passion Unlimited launched to rekindle passions of 33,000 plus ONGCians

On 27 September 2017, a unique HR initiative ‘Passion Unlimited Project’ was launched by the Chairman of the HRM Sub-Committee of ONGC Board, Dr. Santrupt Misra and CMD Mr. D K Sarraf in presence of ONGC Board and senior executives. Taking encouragement from the recently accomplished ONGC Everest Expedition & at the behest of Director (HR) Mr. D.D. Misra, Corporate Communications along with HR had developed this web-based portal in-house under strict timelines.

Driven by futuristic vision of Director (HR) Mr. D.D. Misra, ‘Passion Unlimited’ is a unique HR Initiative that provides ONGCians over 150 options to enrol as interests/passions (upto 3 per employee) and hone them in collaboration and consultation with fellow ONGCians, beyond office hours. Under this project, a tailored application has been developed, implemented and now available through ONGCReports. This HR initiative benefits both – the employees and the organization and has set new milestones in employee engagement.

Under this first of its kind employee engagement program, the management maps passions of ONGCians through ONGCReports. These Passion-related data populates on the ‘My Profile’ of individuals. Thereafter, individuals interact with each other on this Passion Platform, just like on any other social media platform.

The Passion Unlimited Project was rolled out in two stages.


The first stage launched on 27 September 2017 will go on till 31 December 2017, where ONGCians enter details of their Passions in ‘My Profile’ on ONGCReports. Once mapped, their Passion becomes a profile coordinate. Then, they can Upload their work, enabling other ONGCians to View and endorse these. This set in motion a series of interactions on the Forum, showcasing the most endorsed works to the whole ONGC Community, sharing best practices and extending the frontiers of playing out various Passion with a wider ecosystem.


This sets the pace for the second stage of the project – depending on their endorsement count and quality, users will be eligible to participate in ONGC-sponsored events, courses and competitions, related to individual passions. These would be more advanced and state-of- the-art than the ONGC-sponsored ONGC Himalayan Association (ONGCHA), to develop traits related to the Passion which can be considered for use in organizational assignments. Activities will be arranged at various work locations to facilitate this elaborated project – which is slated to emerge as one of the biggest HR initiatives in India.