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Skill Development

Skill Development is a vital component for Human Resource Development. ONGC has recognized this as a strategic imperative and for implementing this strategy has set up centers of learning and research in its various work-centers. All learning and development activities are being coordinated centrally by Corporate HRD and ONGC Academy.

With this set-up, ONGC provides world class learning opportunities to all levels of executives in different disciplines commencing with induction training for new graduate trainees, refresher trainings to middle and senior level executives in technical, techno-managerial and managerial domains, certification programmes, project management training and leadership development programmes through a planned calendar of training programmes with pre-identified training partners. In addition to the calendar programmes arranged in India, executives are also being nominated for a vast number of training programmes, seminars and workshops organized in India and abroad.

  • ONGC Academy: Executive Induction and Management Development Training and Nodal Centre
  • Institute of Drilling Technology: Certified Training on Drilling and Well Control
  • Geo-data Processing & Interpretation Centre: Seismic Data Processing & Interpretation and Seismic Software Development
  • Institute of Reservoir Studies: Training on Reservoir Modeling & Management
  • Institute of Safety Health & Environment Management: Safety Training
  • Institute of Oil & Gas Production Technology: Training of Production Technology
  • Institute of Engineering & Ocean Technology: Training on Geotechnical &Structural Engineering
  • School of Maintenance Practices: Certified training courses of Oil Field Equipment maintenance
  • RTIs: Training for Staff

The spectrum of training programmes on offer at the ONGC Academy includes:-

  • Graduate Trainee programmes
  • Functional Training programmes
  • Management Development programmes
  • Quality Management programmes
  • International Certification programmes

Assessment Development Center (ADC)

ADC is a tool to assess the individuals on identified competencies required for senior level critical business positions. It can also be used as a developmental tool to identify and bridge the gaps between the required and the existing competencies. ONGC is utilizing ADC as a strategic tool to identify potential employees for future business leadership positions since 2003. The tools and techniques comprising a range of exercises for evaluation are being devised on the basis of critical competencies, unique to ONGC.

This initiative involves the following:-

  • Selection of candidates based on `approved criteria.
  • Identifications of competencies to be assessed
  • Selection of tools and techniques required to measure the selected competencies
  • Training of internal assessors.
  • Assessment in Centers by a team of internal and external assessors.
  • Submission of report and finalization of Individual development plans

In the year 2003 & 2004, ADC were conducted for key positions like Asset Managers and Basin Managers for which services of M/s T V Rao Learning systems, one of the pioneers in Assessments in corporate arena, and Prof. Indira Parikh of IIM, Ahmedabad, were engaged. Later-on the same was extended for Chief of Services, Surface Manager and some other important new roles in subsequent years.

From the year 2009-10 onwards , the ADCs were further extended to the level of Deputy General Managers ( DGM) so as to identify the prospective candidate in advance to gain time advantage and compile repository of desired traits for our future key positions in terms of: areas of strength and areas of development.

The tools and techniques for ADC evaluation are devised on the basis of critical competencies, unique to ONGC. Evaluation is done by team of internal assessors of ONGC and external faculty/consultant. The presence of the following 10 competencies are being assessed in the ADCs:-

  • Strategic Orientation
  • Managing Critical Partnerships
  • Result Orientation
  • Planning and Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Influencing
  • Team Leadership
  • Developing Self
  • Developing Others
  • Personal Effectiveness

The participants are subjected to Psychometric tooll like Personality Profiling (PPA) done through the Thomas Profiling Instrument.

At ONGC, we believe that learning is a never ending process. Company is willing to spend time, money and resources for all its employees at various stages of their careers in order to help them to grow as a professional and realize their full potential. Apart from providing functional and behavioral trainings to all levels of employees, adequate exposure is given to employees through conferences, seminars, skill building workshops, etc.

Strong emphasis is given on leadership development programs for executives at senior levels. In order to assess the talent pool at senior level, executives are made to undergo Development Centers. Developmental gaps identified through this process are mitigated through executive development programs, job rotation and higher responsibilities