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Gas Hydrate Research & Technology Centre (GHRTC) was established at ONGC Complex, Panvel through EC decision on 6th July 2016. It is an ISO 9001:2015 and DSIR-recognized institute. The institute is involved in the study of various aspects of Gas hydrates which include G&G studies, production technologies studies and lab experiments. These projects are steps towards indigenously building capabilities in India for the exploration and exploitation of Gas hydrates. All gas hydrate related activities including studies for exploration and possible exploitation of gas hydrates in Indian Offshore are carried out by GHRTC.

Highlights (2022-23):

1. Significant Projects:

Significant projects undertaken by GHRTC during 2022-23 are given below:

  • Evaluation of Geo-scientific data for identification of prospective gas hydrate sites in Mahanadi Deep water Basin
  • Geo-scientific data assessment and subsurface mapping for gas hydrate potential in Cauvery Offshore Basin
  • Prediction of Gas Hydrate formation at Area B (NGHP-02) using machine learning and probabilistic reservoir simulation

2. Technologies upgraded/ inducted:

  • Developed in house machine learning software for natural gas hydrate zone prediction
  • Designed  gas hydrate cell instrument which was commissioned at GHRTC
  • Developed in house capability for particle analyser

3. Papers published/presented for National-International Journal/Conferences:

Year Papers Published/Presented
2022-23 National Journal/Conferences International Journal/Conferences Total
  0 5 5

4. IPRs

  • A. Patents Filed: None
  • B. Patents obtained: 03
    • Novel Equipment for the dissociation of gas
    • Method for producing gas hydrates using cyclopentyl methyl ether
    • A method for the dissociation of gas hydrates
  • C. Copyrights Filed: None
  • D. Copyrights registered: None