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Corporate Sports Statement of ONGC

ONGC Group of Companies, as a committed Corporate entity shall promote culture for Sports and Health care within and outside the organization for development of Human Capital. It will also strive to bring about excellence by tapping latent talent and promote the games in which country has potential for success and competitive advantage.


The objectives of ONGC Sports Policy shall be:-

  1. To promote excellence in sports, games and adventure activities within ONGC.
  2. To nurture and support upcoming talented sports persons to attain world standards.
  3. To raise national level teams in identified games through scientific coaching, providing state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure.
  4. To set up and manage efficiently and effectively modern and sophisticated sports complexes and infrastructure at different work centers.
  5. To promote rural sports in and around the areas of operations of ONGC, as part of its social commitment.
  6. To provide opportunity to employees of ONGC and their families to participate in games, sports and adventure activities to promote good health, physical fitness and sports consciousness in an endeavour to achieve higher productivity and develop all-round personality.
  7. To develop character, sportsmanship, team spirit and esprit-de-corps amongst employees and their families.
  8. To participate in sports and games conducted by PSPB, AIPSSPB and other sports organizations at District, State, National and International levels.
  9. To organize, on behalf of PSPB & AIPSSPB, tournaments / competitions as may be allotted from time to time.
  10. To generate corporate goodwill and brand equity by sponsoring / co-sponsoring various sports / games events at State, National and International level.
  11. To generate corporate goodwill and brand equity by sponsoring / co-sponsoring various sports / games events at State, National and International level.
  12. To liaise with National and State Association / Bodies / Federations promoting sports, games and adventure activities within India and abroad with a view to further sports centric objectives of the Company.
  13. To supplement country’s effort to help sports persons reach higher levels of performance and to showcase National pride.
  14. To focus efforts on developing select games/sports with potential to develop into world class athletes/teams with ultimate aim of bringing national/international acclaim/glory.

ONGC Sports Committee

Organizational structure of Corporate Sports Division (CSD)

The organizational structure of CSD / Sections at Corporate / Asset / Basin level:-

  1. Chief HRD will be Ex-Officio Chairman of OSC. Chairman OSC, Head Sports, and all Games Coordinators (GCs) shall constitute the Executive Committee of the OSC. Head CC will be a special invitee and Head R&P may be invited as and when issues relating to Recruitment are to be taken up.
  2. OSC shall formulate and recommend for implementation all Policy decisions on matters and issues pertaining to selection, recruitment policies for new talent, regularization and decategorisation of sports persons. Head sports shall be the member secretary of the OSC.