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ONGC started Coaching and Mentoring for development of human capital in the year 2008. ONGC has been partnering with global HR Consulting firms to create a pool of certified coaches and mentors in the organization. These coaches and mentors will support organization’s effort to develop leaders to successfully respond to the business needs.

This program is divided over various phases, which include Initiation and Coaching/ Mentoring Skills Training Programmes, Post program, the participants coach/ mentor ONGC Managers / fresh GTs, based on developmental needs. At the end of the program, a review progress is initiated, and successful participants are certified as ONGC coaches and mentors. A Series of workshops are also conducted across the organization to broad base and provide acceleration to the initiative.

As on date ONGC has 21 accredited Coaches, 162 Expert certified mentors, 260 Advance certified mentors and 619 Basic certified mentors. In 2014-15, ONGC is carrying out a massive mentoring exercise, targeting to mentor approximately 1800 mentees through 900 mentors. There is therefore going to be exponential growth in this area of HR activity aligned to the massive hiring plan.

Meet ONGC Career Ambassadors

Endless challenges and rewards. Opportunities on six continents. A team of colleagues fueled by collaboration. All this, and a company deeply committed to integrity and responsibility.

Read what it is like to work for ONGC from personal testimonials of few young ONGCians

Nishant Chandra, Assistant Executive Engineer (Cementing)

In my 4-year small journey at ONGC, I have learned immensely through various training programs and able guidance of my ever so helping seniors. ONGC is one organization which truly believes in effective transfer of knowledge. I have attended various company sponsored training programs both inside and outside ONGC, which has helped me enormously in my career development. ONGC puts prime importance on Safety, regarding personnel or equipment and follows best-in-class protocols to ensure a safe, healthy work environment.

In June 2016, I was sent to Calgary, Alberta Canada for a workshop cum training program which gave me international exposure in Oil & Gas Industry. I was able to showcase my skills on an international platform and in the process learned about latest technologies and trends.

All in all, when I look back at these four years I see a complete transformation in myself in terms of technical expertise, management skills and leadership ability. I have learned to work in teams and take right decisions towards meeting organizational goal. I have learnt to work in safe and cohesive environment. It has indeed been a pleasure to work for ONGC and I suggest you too become part of this great mission to make India energy sufficient.

Proud to be an ONGCian

Meghna Pegu, Deputy Manager (HR)

As an avid traveler, adventure enthusiast and sportlover (and is also a bookworm, photographer and closet blogger), ONGC has provided me unprecedented opportunities. As part of ONGC Himalayan Association (ONGHCA), I have been part of many trekking and rafting expeditions. She is also part of the ONGC Delhi Table Tennis and Badminton teams, and has won many accolades in corporate sports events.

I love the freedom, support and encouragement that ONGC gives me to pursue my passions. It is truly incredible, actually. I mean, which other company would give you paid leave to do an expedition to the Kailash Mansarovar! ONGC also gives tremendous support to Sports. I picked up the TT racket after years only after joining ONGC, and I love playing with my colleagues – winning the inter-sectoral TT championship in ONGC and Delhi Corporate Games, have been added bonuses.

ONGC is women-friendly and talent-appreciative organization. My seniors have encouraged me to develop professionally – including an excellent exposure to an international training programme at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the opportunity to organize the remarkably successful Petrotech 2014 World Petroleum Council Youth Event – ‘ReYuvaNation’ (still proud of coming up with that clever name J )

I have received tremendous support from my seniors and colleagues, which has enabled me to expand my travel footprints to exotic destinations such as the Grand Prismatic Spring in the US, the Highlands of Scotland and the pristine white beaches of Krabi!

I don’t think many organizations in the world can be this cool.

Shilpy Gargmukh AEE(P)

ONGC gave me wings

Having worked at ONGC for three & a half years now, one realizes how fortunate it is be a part of an organization that, at every step, provides opportunities to grow at levels both professional as well as personal. While providing me with opportunities to imbibe corporate values and first hand industrial experiences, ONGC allowed me to pursue sports & hobbies that go on to add new dimensions to my personality every single day.

It is due to the values of ONGC that I made my way into the territorial army with the singular honor of being the first ever lady officer to have joined the folds of this truly remarkable Citizen's Army.

Life at ONGC has truly been phenomenal for me; and with the multitude of opportunities of growth readily available in the organization. I am sure that life will turn out to be even more enriching & fulfilling with each passing day at this Maharatna.

YES ! ONGC has indeed given me wings...