Call for Collaborative R and D Projects

ONGC Energy Centre (OEC) is engaged in In-house and collaborative research in various energy options. Some of the key technology areas where the OEC is working include- (i) Hydrogen generation, (ii) Solar Energy, (iii) Biotechnology for Energy, (iv) Uranium Exploration and ISL process for Extraction, (v) Geothermal Energy, (vi) Kinetic Hydropower for Electricity Generation. OEC is interested in taking up collaborative research with Indian academic, research and industrial organizations to work on any of these technology options, as well as any other new and innovative technology option relevant to energy materials, energy generation or energy efficiency.

OEC is also open to work with startups and others on new and out of box ideas to demonstrate Proof of Principle of emerging energy options.

Among others, following are some of the key research topics/ideas of immediate interest to OEC:

1. Development of Materials used in generation of Hydrogen using Cu-Cl or I-S cycle
2. High Temperature steam electrolysis for Hydrogen generation
3. Generation of Hydrogen from Sea water
4. Bio Hydrogen
5. Hydrogen Storage, fuel cells
6. Development of microbial process for recovery of sub-surface Uranium
7. Development of nanotechnology based techniques for subsurface uranium recovery
8. Development of fuel from oleaginous microbes
9. Splitting of solar spectrum and development of high efficiency solar cells & thermal device
10. Development of small capacity Kinetic Hydropower generating system
11. Hybrid Energy generation systems, based on solar, wind or biomass
12. Storage – development of materials, batteries and systems

Interested organizations may send a 2 – 4 page concept note giving information of proposed scope, methodology, time frame and deliverables at