Sl. No Financial Year Title of    the Project Participating Institute Start Date Remarks
1 2008-2009 Drilling, Coring and Logging of 10 Parametric wells:
(i) 6 Wells in Cauvery basin, Andhra Pradesh ;and
(ii) 4 Wells in Krishna-Godavari  Basin, Tamil Nadu
 OEC 11.11.2008 Completed
2 2013-2014 Drilling, Coring and Logging of 8 Parametric Wells in Suket-Jhalawar, Rajasthan.  OEC 15.05.2013 Completed
3 2013-2014 Drilling, Coring and Logging of 5 Parametric Wells in Kaikalur-Lingala in K-G basin, Andhra Pradesh  OEC 01.08.2013 Completed
4 2014-2015 Drilling, Coring and Logging of 34 Parametric wells :
(i)18 Wells in Suket-Jhalawar,
(ii) 6 wells in Barmer- Sanchore
(iii) 10 wells in Son Valley, Rajasthan
OEC 12.08.2014 Completed
5 2015-2016 Drilling, Coring and Logging of 16 Parametric Wells in Kaikalur Lingala Area OEC 19.12.2015 Completed
6 2016-2017 Drilling, logging and coring operations in approx. Thirty Eight (38) no of parametric wells in Son valley, Sagar in MP and Karjan-Padra in Gujarat. OEC 12.01.2017 Completed
7 2017-2018 Drilling, coring and logging of 8800 m (16 wells) in Kaikalur-Lingala area OEC 26.09.2017 In Progress
8 2009-2010 Studies on Naturally Occurring Uranium in Sedimentary Rocks for Possible Extraction as Nuclear Fuel” in respect of Project work in nuclear Chemistry Department Phase - I  University of Pune 01.04.2009 Completed
9 2014-2015  Studies on Naturally Occurring Uranium in Sedimentary Rocks for Possible Extraction as Nuclear Fuel Phase - II University of Pune 01.12.2014  Completed
10 2015-2016 In-situ Leaching of Uranium IIT-Kharagpur 23.03.2016 In progress
11 2016-2017 In-situ Leaching of Uranium KDMIPE   In Progress
12 2014-2015 Initial experiments on In-situ-leaching (ISL) process development OEC 12.08.2014 In progress
13 2007-2008 Preliminary process analysis for copper-chlorine (Cu-Cl) thermochemical hydrogen production process Phase I  Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT, Mumbai) 01.07.2007 Completed
14 2008-2009 Experimental data collection on oxidation of CuCl and recovery of Cu Central Electro Chemical Research Institute (CECRI, Karaikudi) 29.09.2008 Completed 
15 2009-2010 Studies on the electrolysis of CuCl & recovery of Cu – Energy Optimisation – Phase II CECRI, Karaikudi 27.02.2010 Completed 
16 2010-2011 Electrolysis of CuCl – HCl system for the preparation of  CuCl2 & H2  -  A Feasibility Study  CECRI, Karaikudi 05.04.2010 Completed 
17 2010-2011 Experimental Studies for Reaction of Metals with HI   ICT, Mumbai 10.01.2011 Completed 
18 2011-2012 Experimental Studies for Reaction of Metals with Hydroid Acid & Detailed Studies on Decomposition of Certain Transition Metal Iodides  ICT, Mumbai 14.09.2011 Completed 
19 2007-2008 Studies on the catalytic decomposition of Sulfuric acid  in the I-S process for Hydrogen production IIT Delhi 11.01.2008 Completed 
20 2007-2008 Studies on  Bunsen reactor for production of sulfuric acid and HI using electrochemical cell IIT, Delhi 21.01.2008 Completed 
21 2008-2009 Catalytic Decomposition of Hydrogen Iodide (HI) into I2 and H2 IIT-Delhi 29.09.2008 Completed 
22 2008-2009 Development of Hydrogen Transport Membrane Reactors for Hydrogen Iodide decomposition followed by Hydrogen removal IIT-Delhi 29.09.2008 Completed 
23 2009-2010 Simulation studies on the Sulphur-Iodine (S-I cycle) closed loop thermochemical process for production of hydrogen using suitable simulation and application software Babasaheb Ambedkar University, Lonere, Maharashtra (BATU) 15.12.2009 Completed  
24 2012-2013 Modeling of Membrane Electrolysis Cell for Bunsen  Reaction and Electro-Electrodialysis Unit for concentration of HIx Solution IIT, Delhi 08.02.2013 Completed 
25 2012-2013 Mechanistic Studies on the Catalytic Decomposition of Sulfuric Acid in the I-S Cycle  for Hydrogen Production IIT, Delhi 25.02.2013 Completed 
26 2015-2016 Prolonged Stability Tests of IIT-D Developed Catalysts for HI Decomposition Reaction of S-I Cycle FITT, IIT-Delhi 11.09.2015 Completed
27 2015-2016 Characterization of supported metallic oxide catalysts and theirs stability in H2SO4 decomposition section of I-S cycle FITT, IIT-Delhi 19.11.2015 Completed
28 2016-2017 Scale-up of I-S, EED&ED based membrane processes for production and   concentration of HI as Hydrogen source CSIR-CSMCRI, Bhavnagar 10.11.2016 In Progress
29 2016 - 2017 Development of Ceramic Membranes for Gas Separation Applications in I-S and Cu-Cl cycles For Clean Energy Production CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata 17.11.2016 In Progress
30 2016-2017 Development of Sulfuric Acid Concentrator and Internals for Bayonet Convertor in S_I Cycles IIT-D 28.11.2016 In Progress
31 2016-2017 Stability tests of IIT-D developed catalysts and materials of constructions for HI decomposition reaction of SI cycle IIT-D    
32 2011-2012 ICT - OEC Process for Copper-Chlorine (Cu-Cl) Thermo-chemical Hydrogen Production – Phase-II ICT, Mumbai 23.02.2012 Completed
33 2015-2016 Continuation of Closed Loop Experimental Studies on ICT-OEC Process for Copper-Chlorine (Cu-Cl) Thermochemical Hydrogen Production ICT, Mumbai 01.09.2015 In progress
34 2016-2017 Development & demonstration of closed loop I-S process in all glass assembly IIT-Delhi   12.01.2017 In Progress
35 2017-2018 Further Investigations on ICT-OEC Cu-Cl Cycle: Studies on Separations, Materials Screening and Integration of Molten Salt Media with Cu-Cl cycle ICT-Mumbai 1.10.2017 In Progress
36 2014-2015 R&D on Development of polymeric charged membranes for thermochemical hydrogen generation processes. Central Salt and Marine research Institute (CSMCRI), Bhavnagar 16.03.2015 In progress
37 2015-2016 Development of materials as alternative to Platinum as electrode materials in the Cu-Cl cycle ICT, Mumbai 11.08.2015 In progress
38 2017-2018 Hydrogen storage using Colloidal Gas Aphrons (CGAs) and CGAs-loaded with metal hydrides FITT-IIT-Delhi 14.10.2017 In progress
39 2011-2012 Techno Economic Feasibility of Open Loop Thermo-chemical S–I cycle of H2S split for Carbon-Free Hydrogen Production in Petroleum Refinery IIP Dehradun 10.01.2012 Completed 
40 2014-2015 R&D project on Thermo-chemical Hydrogen generation through partially open loop S-I process involving H2S incineration; experimental studies on Bunsen Reaction and HI decomposition. IIP, Dehradun 16.02.2015 In progress
41 2016-2017 Thermo-chemical Hydrogen Generation through Partially Open-Loop S-I process involving H2S incineration: H2S incineration to SO2 IIP Dehradun 12.01.2017 In Progress
42 2009-2010 Development of laboratory scale process for conversion of lignite to Methane and Humic Acid IIT Kharagpur 18.05.2009 Completed 
43 2013-2014 Development of Process for bioconversion of Unrecovered Oil to Methane OEC 1.12.2016 In  progress
44 2015-2016 Development of Specialized Microbial Culture Bank for Energy Recovery from Lignite and Matured Oil Reservoirs ARI , Pune 29.06.2015 Completed
45 2015-2016 Isolation and Characterization of SRB Lysing Bacteriophage for Inhibition of Petroleum Field Souring and SRB Induced Corrosion ARI , Pune 23.09.2015 In progress
46 2015-2016 Feasibility studies on production of microbial oil from Oleaginous yeast and fungi. OEC &  KDMIPE 01.06.2016 In progress
47 2016-2017 Proof-of-Concept for Investigation on Microbial Bioleaching of Uranium from Secondary Uranium Deposits Savitribai Phule Pune University 06.02.2017 In Progress
48 2016-2017 Hotwiring microbial communities for enhanced unconventional gas production TERI (Indian Partner) and University of New South Wales, Australia (International Partner) 30.05.2016 In Progress
49 2016-2017 Development of hybrid nanozyme-bacterial hydrogels for augmentation of uranium leaching from subsurface soil PSG Institute of Advanced Science, Coimbatore (PSGIAS) 12.12.2016 Completed
50 2017-2018 Development of ISL Process for extraction of Uranium from subsurface deposits  OEC, KDMIPE 1.04.2017 In Progress
51 2017-2018 Conversion of lignite to methane OEC, TERI & ARI 9.01.2018 In Progress
52 2014-2015 R&D project on Development of microbial process for in-situ generation / enhancement of methane from underground coal seams. TERI & OEC 13.02.2015 Completed
53 2017-2018 Implementation of Microbial processes for enhancement of CBM in Jharia wells OEC & TERI 26.12.2017 In Progress
54 2014-2015 R&D on process optimization for cultivation and oil production from Oleaginous yeast(s): Extraction, characterization and potential to produce bio-diesel. Technology based Incubation Society - Delhi University   LOA Cancelled
55 2011-2012 Assessment of Geothermal Potential and Setting up of Geothermal Pilot Power Plant in Cambay basin, Gujarat In house 24.8.2011 Agreement concluded with M/s Talboom, Belgium on 20.02.2015
56 2014-2015 R&D on Geothermal Power Generation using single well concept In house 01.01.2014 In progress
57 2016-2017 Project on simulation work for single well geothermal                       IIT-Delhi 16.05.2016 Completed
58 2016-2017 Thermal modeling to assess Geothermal Energy Potential in Gandhar area of Cambay Basin KDMIPE 28.06.2016 Completed
59 2009-2010 Performance Evaluation of Solar Thermal Dish Stirling Engine System In house 01.08.2009 In Progress.
60 2014-2015 Investigation  of  Properties  of  Molten  Salt  as  a  Heat Storage Medium ICT, Mumbai 15.10.2014 Completed
61 2014-2015 R&D project on Design, fabrication and erection of a 2 MWe Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plant based on beam down technology BARC and MNRE Agreement signed on 22.03.2016 In progress
62 2014-2015 Development of Solar PV and wind hybrid power plant with large scale battery at Kaza, Himachal Pradesh MNRE, SECI 31.03.2015 OEC part completed
63 2015-2016 Design and Development of a Single Cylinder Free Piston Stirling Engine (FPSE) for net 3 kWe Electrical Output Using Solar Energy and also other renewable energy as Input IIT-Bombay 22.03.2016 In progress
64 2016-2017 Development of Self-Cleaning Coatings Based on Superhydrophobicity for Solar Panel Applications PSG Institute of Advanced Science, Coimbatore (PSGIAS) 15.12.2016 In Progress
65 2015-2016 Scoping Study for Integration of GGS process system with Solar Block Engineers India Ltd. 04.02.2016 Completed
66 2012-2013 To exploit the kinetic energy of flowing water streams for generation of electricity using hydro generators M/s Natural Power Concepts-USA 16.4.2012 Agreementconcluded on 15.04.2015
Design was not suitable for use in India
67 2014-2015 A Study of Energy Efficiency Improvement of Internal Combustion Engine Using Oxygen Enrichment IIT Delhi 16.09.2014 Completed
68 2016-2017 Study on "Preparation of Technology Forecast Report on Nanotechnology Applications in Oil & Gas Exploration" National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) 25.05.2016 Completed
69 2016-2017 Selective Conversion of CO2 to CO using an Inexpensive Nanoporous Carbon doped oxides through plasma/photocatalysis Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), Bhopal 14.06.2016 In Progress
70 2017-2018 Photo-catalytic Reactor for Carbon Dioxide into Hydrocarbon  IIT-Madras 01.07.2017 In Progress
71 2017-2018 Laboratory scale investigation on chemical treatment of subsurface lignite deposits to enhance the conversion of lignite to methane  IICT, Hyderabad 08.09.2017 In Progress
72 2017-2018 Development of sludge free clean technology for treatment of Industrial effluent  TERI 3.11.2017 In Progress