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ONGC Retaining a dominant position in the Indian Petroleum sector

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), with its mission of 'Retaining a dominant position in the Indian Petroleum sector and enhancing India's energy availability' and recognizing the fact that petroleum resources are dwindling worldwide, has taken steps to look at all forms of energy to fulfill the country's growing energy needs. Towards this end, it has established an ONGC Energy Centre Trust (OECT), which is mandated to undertake or assist in programs / projects of fundamental and applied research for improving and developing commercially viable energy mediums and sources beyond hydrocarbons, especially in clean and/or renewable energy options. The ONGC Energy Centre aims to conduct research in alternate energy, specifically focusing on projects, which have the potential to make an impact on India's energy scene. The ONGC Energy Centre functions under the aegis of the ONGC Energy Centre Trust, which was established, under the Indian Trust Act, on 8th August 2005.


"Harness science and technology to meet national energy needs of tomorrow in a clean and sustainable manner…"

  • With ingenuity and determination,
  • With respect and care for environment,
  • With regards for sustainability,
  • With focus on innovation and creativity
  • To strive for clean, practical and affordable energy solutions through research & development as well as demonstration & commercialization
  • To provide work bench for young, talented, innovative, restless minds for proving and actualizing worthy ideas
  • Think, scan, network globally by spanning 360 degrees, while firmly rooted locally and committed to act with sense of urgency for suitable energy technologies to fulfill energy needs"
  • This objective is in line with the vision of ONGC to become an integrated energy company and not just restrict itself to oil and gas.