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Seismic-to-simulation an integrated approach to explore in a brownfield: A case study from Cambay Basin, India
Anoop Singh, Raman K. Singh, Ashok Arya & B. V. Bhushan

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Risk and Play Chance Analysis in Shale Oil Resource Assessment: A Case Study of Jambusar-Broach Block, Cambay Basin
Debashis Das, Nirupama Banerjee, K.N. Shridhar and A. Siawal

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Modeling with Restoration Key to Resolve Complexity of Himalayas
Tusar Dutta, Arun Kumar Arya and Koushik Biswas

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Surface gas seepages in the on-land Mahanadi Basin: Implications for shallow biogenic gas prospectivity
K. Guru Rajesh , C. Mahapatra, Ch. B.M. Mishra, B.N. Pradhan and S.K. Das

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Reservoir Saturation Profiling of Using Capillary Pressure Studies on Cores
Sharath Nair. S, Hemlata Agarwal and J.K. Basumatary V. L. N. Avadhani and P.P. Deo

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A Novel Technique for Gas Hydrate Formation at Predetermined Hydrate Saturation Using Excess Gas Method
Randeep Ravesh , Ayaj Ahamad Ansari, Sabyasachi Mohapatra, Malay K. Das , Malcolm Lall, A.K. Misra and P. K. Panigrahi

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Study on the effect of different chemical additives on the rheological behaviour of highly viscous crude oils of Anklav field, Western Onshore
Partha Ghosh, D.S. Rawat and C.P. Verma

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Facies Analysis, Reservoir Characterization and Depositional Environment Study of Hydrocarbon Bearing Tertiary Sequences in Jaisalmer Basin, Rajasthan
Rajesh Pandey , Dinesh Kumar and A.S. Maurya

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Absolute age dating of sedimentary rocks: A review of Rb-Sr, K-Ar and Ar-Ar dating techniques for clay minerals
Piyush Gupta, S.S. Rathore and A.N. Sarkar

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A new statistical technique for defining background and baseline values of trace metals in sediments of Sundalbari area, Tripura Asset
Supriya Chopra, S.P. Agarwal, Shefali Sayana, Nidhi Srivastava and Harvir Singh

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Evolution of West Coast of India-A Plate Tectonic Approach
A. Siawal , P.P. Dash and H.C. Srivastava

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Challenges, Selection and Optimization of Artificial Lift Modes for Dewatering of CBM Wells
Saurabh Rajvanshi, A.S. Pawar, S.K. Malhotra, T.K. Mandal, M.P. Yadav, Avinav Kumar, Sagun Devshali and A. Chaubey

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