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Asset   Project Name Date of EC granted Six monthly compliance reports
Ahmedabad Asset 1 Development Drilling of (406 nos.) of wells (Oil and natural Gas) in oil Field of Ahmedabad Asset at Kheda, Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad District of Gujarat 22.03.2016 Click here
2 Drilling of Development wells (108 nos.) in oil field of Ahemdabad Asset of ONGC Ltd. at Mehsana and Gandhinagar, Gujarat 20.03.2017 Click here
Ankleshwar Asset 1 Development and production of Oil / Gas from Uber-2 well by M/s ONGC Ltd. at Jambusar (Gujarat) 06.03.2019  
2 Offshore oil/gas development by drilling of four wells by M/s ONGC Ltd. under the NELP V Offshore Block CB-OSN-2003/1 at Aliabet Field, Ankleshwar Asset (Gujarat) 22.04.2020 Click here
Assam Asset 1 Onshore Development and Production of Oil & Gas from 200 wells in 23 blocks in District Sivasagar (Assam) 06.03.2019 Click here
Cambay Asset 1 Development drilling of 108 wells laying of 4”and 8”oil and gas flow lines & establishment of 03 numbers of EPS, 01 number of WHI, 03 nos of Water injection facilities and 03 nos. of ETP of M/s ONGC in operation areas of Cambay Sub Asset in Gujarat 16.03.2017  
Cauvery Asset        
CBM Asset 1 Development of North Karanpura CBM Block NK-CBM-2001/1 in Jharkhand 12.05.2015  
2 Development Plan of CBM Block (BK-CBM-2001/1 in District Bokaro, Jharkhand by M/s ONGC 28.03.2016 Click here
3 Development of Jharia CBM Block, Jharkhand 11.04.2017 Click here
4 Development and Production of Coal Bed Methane Gas by M/s ONGCL – CIL Consortium at Raniganj North block, District Paschim Bardhaman (West Bengal) 06.07.2018  
Eastern Offshore Asset 1 Development of Vashishta and S-1 fields of K.G. offshore, Eastern Offshore Asset at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh and expansion of Odalarevu Onshore Terminal, A.P. 12.11.2015  
2 Development drilling of 45 wells at Block KG-DWN-98/2, KG offshore, Tehsil Allavaram, District East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh 22.01.2016 Click here
3 CRZ Clearance for laying of 20-inch gas pipeline of 31 km length from Offshore Platform, in the East Coast passing through the mouth of the Gautami – Godavari River, part of Yanum (2.51 km) U.T. of Puducherry and East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh 15.10.2020  
Exploratory Asset, Jodhpur 1 Compliance status of conditions stipulated by MoEFCC while granting Environment Clearance of Jaisalmer basin  09.12.2014  Click here
Exploratory Asset, Silchar 1 Development and Production of Gas in Banskandi and Bhubandar Block with Interconnecting pipelines by M/s ONGC Limited at Tehsil Silchar, District Cachar (Assam) 06.07.2018 Click here
HP-HT Asset 1 Expansion of OGT and CPP at onshore and addition of Process cum Living Quarters Platform bridge connected to Well Head Platform at offshore of Development Operation by M/s Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd in KG-OSN-2001/3 Offshore Block at Village Mallavaram, Mandal Tallarevu, District Godavari (Andhra Pradesh) EC transferred from GSPC to ONGC dated 30.07.2019  
  2 Deen Dayal Development project (KG-OSN-2001/3 Block NELP-III) regarding setting up of offshore well Head platform in KG Basin, offshore to onshore sub-sea pipeline, Onshore gas terminal (OGP), Condensate Storage Unit / (CSU) at Mallavaram, Andhra Pradesh with landfall point at Avipolam Hamlet of Yanam in Puducherry EC transferred from GSPC to ONGC dated 13.11.2019  
Jorhat Asset 1 Onshore development and production of oil and gas from six wells in 5 Mine Lease Blocks in Districts Jorhat and Golaghat (Assam) 01.05.2019 Click here
2 Conversion of exploratory well KSAB to Development well located at Kasomarigaon, District Golaghat, Assam 08.12.2020 Click here
3 Onshore Development and Production of oil & gas from 53 wells in 7 ML blocks by M/s ONGC Ltd. Located in Jorhat and Golaghat districts, Assam 17.03.2021 Click here
Mehsana Asset 1 Development Drilling of 406 wells by M/s ONGC located at Mehsana, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and Patan in Gujarat – Consideration of Environment Clearance regarding. 25.01.2021 Click here
Rajahmundry Asset 1 Onshore Oil and Gas Development and Production from 3 wells by M/s ONGC Ltd at Nagayalanka in the onland NELP-V Block KG-ONN-2003/1 in District Krishna (Andhra Pradesh) 20.03.2018  
  2 Onshore Development and Production of Oil and Gas from 72 wells in two onland PML Blocks (Godavari, West Godavari and Krishna (Andhra Pradesh) 31.10.2018 Click here
Tripura Asset 1 Onshore Oil & Gas Development and Production from 9 wells by M/s ONGC Ltd in the Districts of South Tripura, Gomati and Sepahijala (Tripura) 20.03.2018 Click here
2 Half yearly compliance report of EC for Exploratory wells (Category A).(H'2 2021-22) 23.05.2022 Click here
3 Environmental clearance (EC) for Drilling of Exploratory Wells (Category B2) in Tripura by M/s ONGC Ltd. 23.05.2022 Click here
4 Half yearly compliance report of EC for Exploratory wells (Category B2) of Tripura Asset.(H'1 2022-23) 30.11.2022 Click here
5 Half yearly compliance report of EC for drilling of Exploratory Wells of Tripura Asset (H'2 2022-23) 30.05.2023 Click here
6 Onshore Development & Production from 105 wells in 12 nomination PML blocks in Sipahijala, West Tripura and Gomati districts of Tripura and 10 wells and Khubal GCS in NELP PML of North Tripura districts, Tripura 30.05.2022 Click here
7 Conversion of 37 Exploration Wells & laying of Associated Flowlines, involving construction of Well Manifold at Kunjaban & Sundalbari and Pipeline at North Tripura by ONGC Limited 28.10.2021 Click here
8 Environmental Clearance for Drilling of Exploratory Wells   Click here
9 Onshore Development and Production from 5 wells (viz.BMDH, GODA, GODB, GODD and RO#15A) falling in forest area of 3 PML blocks in South Tripura, Sephaijala and West Tripura districts 12.10.2023 Click here
10 Proposed drilling of TIDD development well and installation of Tichna EPS, falling in Sepahijala district, Tripura 11.10.2023 Click here
Basin   Project Name Date of EC granted Six monthly compliance reports
A&AA Basin 1 Drilling of 6 Exploratory Wells (RBK-1, LBAA, RPAA, RLBK-1, RTDN-1 and RBK-3) in Pre-NELP Block AA-ONJ/2 at Cachar, Assam 06.03.2017  
2 Proposed 8 no. of exploratory drilling in ML areas of Sivasagar, Assam 20.03.2017 Click here
3 Proposed Exploratory drilling of 13 exploratory wells in PML area of SAS Balock in Sarupathar Tehsil District Golaghat, Assam 31.03.2017 Click here
4 Drilling of Exploratory wells (25 Nos.) in PEL & PML Blocks of Cachar Forward Base in Assam 19.04.2017  
5 Drilling of Exploratory Wells (50 Nos.) in 9 PML Blocks in Tripura 13.09.2017  
6 Development Drilling of one well (BKDB)-A of M/s ONGC Ltd in Banaskandi PML Block of Cachar, A&AA Basin, District Cachar (Assam) 13.09.2017  
7 Exploratory Drilling of 10 wells at Rudrasagar, Geleki, Lakwa, Namti, Mekeypore-Santak-Nazira PML areas in District Sivasagar 28.09.2017 Click here
8 Exploratory drilling of two wells in NELP Block AA-ONN-2001/2, in District Kolasib (Mizoram) 28.03.2019  
9 Onshore Exploration and development of oil & gas by M/s ONGC Ltd in Assam and Assam Arakan Basin (A&AA Basin) in Districts Cachar and Hailakandi (Assam) 07.08.2019 Click here
10 Onshore exploration, development and production of oil & gas in 21 onshore PML blocks in Upper Assam North, A & AA Basin at District Sivasagar (Assam) 06.12.2019  
11 Environment Clearance for Exploration, Development and Production in five onshore PML blocks in AAFB, A&AA Basin, Cachar District and Karimganj District, Assam 27.09.2021  
Cauvery Basin 1 Exploratory Drilling of 10 wells at NELP-VI, Onshore Block CY-ONN-2004/2 in Ariyalur District, Tamil Nadu 10.09.2015  
2 Exploratory Drilling of 22 Wells (Onshore) in Ramanathapuram PML Block, District Ramanathapuram (Tamil Nadu) 30.08.2018 Click here
Frontier Basin 1 Exploratory Drilling of 4 wells at NELP-VII Block, VN-ONN-2009/3, Son Valley, Vindhyan, Frontier Basin, District Damoh, Madhya Pradesh 27.10.2015 Click here
2 Drilling of 15 exploratory wells by M/s ONGC Ltd. in Nohta-Damoh-Jabera PML Block, Vindhyan Basin, District Damoh (Madhya Pradesh) 27.12.2019 Click here
3 Exploration in Kangra-Mandi PEL Block in Mandi and Kangra Districts, Himachal Pradesh 15.04.2020 Click here
KG Basin 1 Additional Exploratory Drilling of 15 wells in NELP-1 Offshore Block KG-DWN-98/2, KG Basin, Andhra Pradesh 28.03.2017 Click here
2 Exploratory Drilling of 5 wells for shale oil/shale gas in KG Basin, Andhra Pradesh 15.06.2017 Click here
MBA Basin 1 Exploratory Drilling (10 wells) in Bengal Onshore Block WB-ONN-2005/4, West Bengal under NELP-VII 26.09.2022 Click here
Western Offshore Basin 1 Drilling of one Exploratory Well at MB-OSN-2005/3 (NELP-VII Block), Mumbai offshore southwest of the Mumbai High-DCS platform 07.01.2015  
2 Drilling of Five Exploratory Wells at MB-OSN-2005/3 (NELP VII Block), Mumbai Offshore, Southwest of Mumbai High DCS platform, Maharashtra 04.08.2017  
3 Offshore oil and gas exploration by M/s ONGC Ltd in Mumbai Offshore Block MB-OSN-2005/1(NELP-VII) on Indian West Coast 30.04.2019  
Western Onshore Basin 1 Exploratory Drilling of 22 nos. of Wells in NELP-IX Blocks GEI-ONN 201011, CB-ONN-201 0/6 & CB-ONN-201019 at Banaskantha, Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad District, Gujarat 28.03.2016  
2 Oil and Gas Exploration in 13 ML Blocks in Western Onshore Basin by M/s ONGC Ltd in Surat, Bharuch and Vadodara (Gujarat) 06.03.2018 Click here
3 Oil and Gas Exploration in 10 ML Blocks of Western Onshore Basin in the Districts of Patan and Mehsana (Gujarat) 20.03.2018  
4 Shale Oil & Gas Exploration in 11 Blocks by M/s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd in Cambay Basin in the districts of Mehsana, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Kheda and Bharuch (Gujarat) 20.03.2018 Click here
5 Onshore Oil & Gas exploration by drilling 46 wells in 12 ML Blocks of Western Onshore Basin, District Mehsana, Gujarat 06.12.2019 Click here
6 Exploratory Drilling of 134 locations (Onshore) in 32 ML Blocks of Western Onshore Basin at Vadodara, Gujarat 27.12.2019 Click here
Plant   Project Name Date of EC granted Six monthly compliance reports
C2-C3 Plant        
Hazira Plant 1 Expansion of Hazira Gas Processing Complex by adding Captive Combined Cycle Power Plant at Tehsil Chorasi, District Surat (Gujarat) 22.03.2018  Click here
Uran Plant 1 Expansion of Uran Oil & Gas Processing Plant by adding LPG bullets at Uran Complex, Tehsil Uran, District Raigad (Maharashtra) 21.02.2018 Click here
2 Expansion of onshore oil & gas processing plant by M/s ONGC Ltd. at Uran by establishing Additional Cogeneration Unit GT-IV and Enhanced Reactive Thermal Oxidizer (ERTO) within the existing Uran Plant, located in Uran, Maharashtra 13.10.2020 Click here