Sea Survival Training

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  • ONGC’s Sea Survival Centre: A National, and indeed, a Global asset

  • Safety is paramount and valuable

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The overall objectives and framework of rules and regulations of the Company are laid down in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company. Each Department of the Company, while discharging its functions, is guided by Book of Delegated Powers, manuals, policy and guidelines, which are periodically reviewed and updated. The conduct of the employees is regulated by the Employees' (Conduct, Discipline and Appeal Rules) and Standing Orders. In addition, the Company follows the directives and guidelines issued by the Government of India on various matters.

The important Internal Rules, Regulations, Manuals & Records, which are used by the employees of the Company in discharge of their functions are given below:

(A) Matters pertaining to Company Affairs

Memorandum & Articles of Association;
Decisions of the Board of Directors and Sub-committees of the Board from time to time as contained in the minutes book;
Decision of shareholders in the Annual General Meeting as contained in the minute book;
The Code of Internal Procedures and Conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading in Dealing the Securities of ONGC ;
Procedures for Corporate Disclosure;
Companies Act, 1956 and Rules framed there under;
Listing Agreement & SEBI Guidelines;

(B) Matters pertaining to Finance & Accounts

Accounting Policies;
Accounting standards;
Accounting Manual;
Delegation of Powers;
Internal Audit Manual;

(C) Matters pertaining to Works, Contract, Sales, Procurement, Inventory, etc

Material Management Manual
Delegations of Powers

(D) Human Resource matters pertaining to ONGC employees

HR Manual


i) HR Vision, Mission and Objectives
ii) HR Parameters
iii) Organogram – ONGC
iv) Organogram – HR
v) Core Values
vi) Standard Designations, Levels and Scales of Pay
viii) Authorities under BDP and HR issues


Modified Recruitment and Promotion Regulations, 1980
Medical Examination of Employees Rules, 1996


Service Rules, 1995
Pay and Allowances regulations, 1972
Fringe Benefits
Leave Rules, 1995
Travelling Allowance Regulations
Conduct, Discipline and Appeal Rules, 1994
Grievance Management System
Accident Compensation Scheme


Training and Development
Performance Appraisal Rules, 1995
Job Rotation and Transfer Policy


Leave fare Assistance Scheme
Children Education Assistance Scheme
Financial Assistance-Advances
Medical Facilities
Reserves Establishment Honorarium Scheme
Incentive Schemes
Suggestion Schemes
Awards Schemes


ONGC (Death. Retirement and Terminals), Gratuity Rules, 1995.
ONGC Self Contributory Post Retirement and Death in Service Superannuation Benefit Scheme.
Composite Social Security Scheme, 1998
Premature Retirement Scheme.
Separation and Terminal Benefit and Provisions – At a Glance.


Territorial Army Embodiment and Incentives.


Draft Policy on Recognition of Unions.


Corporate Citizenship Policy
Annual Component Plan for SC/ST
ONGC Scholarship scheme for SC/ST Students.


Ex-Gratia and Agrani Samman Ex-Gratia Benefit Schemes for Retired Employees.
Unnati Prayas Scheme (UPS) for ONGC officers.
Socio-Cultural Development.

(E) Plant Operations:

i) Operational Manuals
ii) Internal Instructions.

( F) Public Relations, Publicity & Community Development

i) Advertisement policy/ guidelines
ii) Corporate Citizenship Policy

(G) Safety Manual - Asset/Basin Manager and concerned Directors

(H) Boiler Rules - to provide a list of Manual/List/Instructions/Guidelines

(I) Explosives - Acts and Rules applicable in respect of their functional areas

(J) Survey

(K) Exploration