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Adding more feathers to its illustrious cap, ONGC shined at the Governance Now 8th PSU Awards. It clinched four awards as a Maharatna PSU. The energy major was conferred with Best PSU Award for Nation Building, Environment & Sustainability, Investment in Start-up and Communication Outreach.

ONGC ED CIO Harishankar Prasad Singh was awarded for Digital Transformation Leader (CIO)and GGM Head OT B Paparaju for Digital Transformation Leader (Operational Technology); GGM CISO Narayan Raman was awarded for Digital Security Leader (CISO).

PSU Awards

The virtual ceremony, held on 29 July 2021, was graced by Petroleum Secretary Tarun Kapoor and former Lieutenant General of Puducherry Dr Kiran Bedi. Mr Kapoor mentioned the multi-faceted role of the Public Sector Units (PSUs) in the growth of the economy and towards the society at large. He noted that the PSUs have been instrumental in the nation’s energy and infrastructural growth. “There are over 300 PSUs in the country, and the total turnover of just the PSUs in the oil & gas sector is over 12 lakh crore. Our PSUs,” added Mr Kapoor.

The Petroleum Secretary said that the PSUs have not just been performing the roles assigned to them but is also providing service to the communities. He stressed on the PSUs’ multiple CSR initiatives and their contribution towards the government’s goal of self-reliant Aatmanirbhar Bharat. “PSUs have been making large investments towards domestic manufacturers and service providers; substantially larger than private organizations,” said Mr Kapoor.

Petroleum Secretary Tarun Kapoor delivering the keynote address
Petroleum Secretary Tarun Kapoor delivering the keynote address

The Petroleum Secretary asserted that the in the future the PSUs will continue playing a major role in the nation’s economic growth. Lauding the PSUs’ role in skill development and training manpower, he said, “PSUs have been leaders in providing technical manpower and the growth of the private sector. Our public sector units have made substantial investment in training its workforce in not only its core areas but outside that too.”

Dr Kiran Bedi noted that the level at the PSUs brings in support towards the national security, expertise, self-reliance, etc. is unparalleled. “Where the private sector cannot open up, the PSUs come in. Several key performers have first attained expertise while working at a PSU before joining a private organization,” said Dr Bedi.

Chief Guest Dr Kiran Bedi
Chief Guest Dr Kiran Bedi

Dr Bedi suggested that awards as such should also focus on the state PSUs, since they require more support and admiration to carry forward their efforts towards the nation’s economic growth. She also stressed on the need for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a major parameter to evaluate awardees. She noted that water harvesting and deforestation should be on priority for PSUs social responsibilities, as they are key in the long run and involves no additional cost but self-volunteering.

Upon receiving the award for Digital Transformation Leader (CIO), Mr H P Singh dedicated the accolade to the energy soldiers of ONGC, especially those working in offshore bases. He noted that ONGCians at remote bases have displayed unprecedented valor and dedication during the pandemic crisis, working on extended shifts at the toughest time. He lauded the contributions of the four women energy soldiers at Mumbai who went extra mile during the lockdown to ensure the nation’s energy security.


Being awarded as Digital Security Leader (CISO), GGM CISO Narayan Raman mentioned how the COVID-19 crisis has been a major challenge for cyber security too. He explained how ONGC navigated through the crisis with technological advancements.

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