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At ONGC, we are in the process of implementing a new solution called SAP VIM (Vendor Invoice Management), which is an end-to-end scan-to-post invoicing automation system. Its main feature is OCR, which reads and captures data from the vendor invoices automatically and submit them for further processing in our system to desired location/concerned user in ONGC. The system is expected to highly optimize the invoice management at ONGC and fasten their processing in future.

 ONGC rolled out VIM System at Mumbai (including Uran, Panvel and Nhava) on pilot basis w.e.f 9 April 2021. Further, the system shall be eventually rolled out at all locations by April-May 2021.

In above process only first Box is relevant for Vendors. However, it is the most important step for further processing/automation.
In above process only first Box is relevant for Vendors. However, it is the most important step for further processing/automation.

Salient features and requirement from vendors

1. There are 3 input channels for invoices to ONGC’s VIM system integrated with SAP:

  1. VIMS Portal ( Vendors to continue to raise the invoices and supporting documents as per the existing process. Vendor has to login at this portal by entering Vendor Code (6 digit code), the registered mail ID and Mobile no. is displayed on next page. If the mobile no. and/or Mail id shown is correct, proceed further to receive/trigger an OTP. If any discrepancy or updation is required for registered E-Mail ID or mobile, then send request for updation of E-Mail ID/ Mobile Number to concerned dealing officer. Also  refer  process  guide  available  at  the  VIMS  portal  for  further  assistance.  If  portal registration is successful then upload every invoice in portal independently. There are 2 options for document upload. First load Invoice (PDF digitally signed with class III signature) and then Supporting Documents. Select Location and sub location correctly from the option where your invoices are addresses to. You can upload only one Invoice PDF & add up to 4 supporting documents files. On successful submission you get RegID (Registration ID) on the VIM portal screen itself.
  2. EMAIL channel: A designated email ID ap_invoices[at]ongc[dot]co[dot]in is provided for sending the invoices and supporting documents. Send separate mail for each invoices (PDF digitally signed with class III signature) preferably through registered E-mail ID mapped against the Vendor Code in ONGC Vendor Management System. Maintain INVOICE as E- mail subject line. Maintain file name INV***.PDF for invoice and any other name for supporting documents. Mail attachments can be more than one with one invoice. Try to maintain attachment sequence as Invoice followed by supporting documents.
  3. Submission in Physical form at IMS Desk for scanning: The existing IMS desks at all locations shall be equipped with scanners to scan the invoices and supporting documents. For sending physical copies, send each invoice in separate envelope separated by Patch Code Type – I print from supporting document. Example: If physical Invoice is of 3 pages and supporting documents of 30 pages, insert Patch code type – I as fourth page followed by supporting documents making it total 34 pages. DO NOT STAPLE INVOICE AND SUPPORTING DOCUMENT. Acknowledgement shall be sent on registered e-mail ID on ingestion in system subsequently.

2. The order of priority for the said input channels would be "VIM portal" > "Email" > “Scanner at IMS Desk”. Vendor has to use only one input channel for uploading/submitting the particular invoice to avoid rejection of duplicate invoices. Similarly vendor needs to send only one mail per invoice and wait for RegID which will come to vendor by return mail after ingestion.

3. A DP Number (Document Processing Number) shall be generated and informed to the vendor for tracking purpose through registered E-mail ID against Vendor Code in ONGC Vendor Management System (VMS). (Portal for tracking shall also be informed subsequently)

4. As soon as an invoice is ingested, the VIM system reads the invoices through OCR and extracts the relevant data, such as vendor code, GSTIN, invoice date, invoice amount, tax details, PO number, etc.

5. At ONGC, a designated person will then validate the data if it has been correctly read and stored by OCR system and then VIM process will start for payment.

6. Since this system highly depends on the OCR extraction process, maintaining the quality of invoices is of supreme importance.

Following are some general guidelines for submitting the invoices through VIMS Portal (a.) and Email Channel (b.):

  • Invoices should be system generated and no hand written invoices shall be allowed.
  • Invoices need to be scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi, preferably in color
  • Invoices to be in PDF format only.
  • For invoices, keep file name as "INVxxxxxxx.pdf" (INV must be prefixed for correct categorization of invoice and differentiation from supporting document).
  • Maintain a regular format in which you submit invoices in ONGC.
  • Invoices should be digitally signed with Class 3 Digital Certificateissued by any licensed CAs.
  • Send separate mail for each invoice. Medical/Hospital/Travel vendor have different process and not covered in this notification.

7. Additional guidelines for submitting the invoices at IMS Desk through scanners (c.):

  • In case of physical submission. Patch Code type – I may preferably be included by vendors which is to be inserted between Invoice and supporting document.
  • Do not staple the pages at the time of submission.
  • Page numbers / total number of pages be marked to ensure that all pages have been scanned.

8. All invoices should indicate on the Invoice itself ONGC SAP Purchase Order (PO) No.

  • It’s a 10 digit No. starting with “40” (Example 4010034562) for material supply and “50” (Example 5060043256) for Service PO including hiring and LSTK. Incase PO no. is not there/known consult concerned ONGC officials before submitting invoices. If PO has not been created, mention 10 digit SAP Outline agreement no. (Starts with 80* or 90* ). Lots of automation depends on these information and it is more pertinent for vendor to keep note of this to make payment processing faster and smoother.

9. Also, please ensure that in case of invoices without any Purchase Order mentioning the following details shall be mandatory on the invoice itself:

  • Name of ONGC’s contact person
  • Mobile number & Email ID of the same

This will be required to identify the Dealing Officer / Purchasing Authority of the said invoice and assign the invoice to correct contact person for further processing.

10. For vendors creating an Invoice Reference Number as per the GST invoicing guidelines, changes have been proposed in the “Form GST Inv-1”. Vendors are request to adhere to this format. Format is available at GST official website.


Looking forward to a smoother process going ahead.

For any clarifications or queries, please mail us on ongcvimhelp[at]ongc[dot]co[dot]in

Thanks & Regards,
ICE VIM Team, ONGC, Delhi

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