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Under the dynamic leadership of Director (T&FS)- I/c MM Mr. O P Singh, the collective efforts within the organization towards enhancing procurement through Government e-Marketplace (GeM) have started showing its results with ONGC breaking into the list of Top 10 Champion Buyers.

As per the list of Top 20 Champion Buyers released by GeM on its social media platforms and published on GeM portal, ONGC made its way among top buyers in the country featuring at 9th Spot, being the best ranked CPSE in the list. There are more than 48000 buyer organisations in GeM at present.

This ranking is part of non-monetary Incentive Scheme from GeM to ensures that buyers and sellers are rewarded in various ways for their good and desirable behavior at the marketplace. There are various Individual categories of ranking taking into account multiple metrics including order value, order volume, no. of distinct products, timely payment etc. In the individual CPSE buyer category, currently ONGC features at 2nd rank in terms of order value. The top 20 Champion ranking is an overall culmination of individual rankings wherein ONGC is the only Oil CPSE presently. Final rankings will be announced at the end of fiscal year.

As per the directives of Government, ONGC Management has been emphasizing upon maximizing the use of GeM portal for procurement in ONGC. Since, 5 marks have been introduced this year in MoU with DPE for CPSEs, the enhancement of procurement through GeM has become even more important.  Compared to previous year where ONGC could carry out procurement of only Rs. 70 crores through GeM, this year the value has crossed Rs. 150 crores till date. It is expected to even much higher as compared to the previous year figures.

Among ONGC work-centers, Corporate MM is leading the chart with having carried out procurement of Rs. 100 crores during FY 2020-21. GeM has brought down the lead time for finalization of tenders within 30 days. Some of the major items for which orders have been placed are Premium Casing Pipes, Line Pipes, Oilfield Chemicals, IT equipments, servers etc. Recently, CBM Asset Bokaro also successfully placed the first service contract through GeM for Hiring of Light Vehicles for a period of 3 years. 

Upon learning about the news, Director (T&FS)- I/c MM applauded the efforts of implementation team under ED-Chief MM Mr. A P Tripathi for steering the procurement through GeM by all the work-centers. He congratulated all the stakeholders in ONGC and cautioned at the same time to not become complacent and keep continuing the good work so that ONGC can end up at the podium in the final rankings by end of fiscal year. 

ONGC breaks into the list of Top 10 Champion Buyers in Government e-Marketplace

ONGC breaks into the list of Top 10 Champion Buyers in Government e-Marketplace

ONGC breaks into the list of Top 10 Champion Buyers in Government e-Marketplace