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ओएनजीसी ने अरब सागर पर नई बिछाई गई उप-समुद्र पाइपलाइन के माध्यम से पन्ना क्षेत्र से तेल की निकासी शुरू की

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd (ONGC), India’s Energy Maharatna, today announced a significant milestone with the successful linkage of Panna Process Platform with subsea pipeline, a part of ONGC’s Bassein & Satellite (B&S) Asset.

ONGC has achieved a significant cost reduction of approximately USD 43,000 per day by connecting the platform with subsea pipeline. Additionally, the submarine pipeline connection minimizes the production downtime associated with tanker changeovers and eliminates demurrage charges during adverse weather conditions.

These combined savings and improved operational agility position ONGC for long-term success in the offshore oil and gas sector.

Start of pipelaying from Panna Process-A (PPA) platformStart of pipelaying from Panna Process-A (PPA) platform

The Panna segment includes laying of 2 segments of 37.50 kms of submarine pipeline and installation of 3 Main Oil Line Pumps (MOL) and 3 booster pumps.

The Panna-Mukta oilfield consists of two adjacent offshore oil fields north-west of Mumbai.

New MOL pumps installed at Panna Process-A (PPA) platform New MOL pumps installed at Panna Process-A (PPA) platform

This remarkable feat is a triumph for ONGC and underscores its commitment to technological advancement and ushering in operational excellence in the oil and gas industry to raise output and further secure India's energy interest.