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CEWELL is a premier institute which provides integrated petrophysical solutions to various Assets and Basins. CEWELL aids in preparing robust petrophysical models and provide inputs for risk reduction in E&P portfolio. This institute develops work flows for realistic evaluation of frontier exploration areas such as thin bed, Basement, Shale gas, Gas Hydrate, complex carbonate and low resistivity & low contrast reservoirs. It also generates valuable and valid petrophysical lab data viz. petrophysical parameters (a, m, n, mineralogical compositions) and magnetic resonance characterization for realistic pore volumes and producibility of reservoirs. This institute has been the nodal agency for geomechanical studies and building calibrated geomechanical models for reducing NPT and identifying sweet zones for well placement and planning effective stimulation jobs.

Highlights (2022-23):

1. Significant Projects:

  • Rock Physics Modelling of key wells in Gandhar 3D-3C area Phase-I & Jambusar area
  • Rock Physics Modelling & Petrophysical Evaluation of Mukta, Bassein and Panna formation in North of Mukta Field and NWQM area
  • Rock Physics Modelling and Petrophysical Evaluation of Daman, Mahuva and Belapur reservoirs in C-23/48 Area and for Daman reservoir for well SD-4-3
  • Comprehensive core and petrophysical evaluation of Narasapur claystone and Matsyapuri Sandstones in Kesavadasupalem
  • Understanding sedimentation transport direction and structural disposition utilizing integrated study of Image logs (FMI/STAR) in Khubal and Kunjaban areas of Tripura
  • Rock physics modelling of wells in Lakwa-Lakhmani-Kuargaon & Rudrasagar-Dishangmukh-Charali-Changmaigaon area with focus to Oligocene (Barail) for Reservoir Characterisation
  • Geomechanical study of Tipam sands in Geleki field to obtain elastic properties and stress profile for Hydrofrac Design
  • Petrophysical Evaluation of Bombay, Panvel, Mukta, Bassein and Panna formations of newly drilled development wells of Cluster-8 area
  • Petrophysical, Geomechanical & Saturation Estimation of Gas Hydrate bearing sediments of NGHP Drilled wells through rock physics Modelling
  • Efficacy and applicability of 3D resistivity data acquired in different depositional setups

2. Technologies upgraded/ inducted:

  • G&G Network migration at the Institute: In line with organizational policy and various ISMS guidelines, Data Centre of CEWELL has successfully been migrated to safe and secure G&G LAN from business LAN. The facilitation has empowered its G&G manpower to directly access Pan India regional EPINET Servers of ONGC, in addition to WON Regional EPINET Server at Vadodara from perspective of log-data uploading exercises. Post migration, processed log-data, pertaining to Western Offshore and KG Basin were successfully uploaded directly from the institute on respective regional EPINET servers.
  • Procured and installed One Centrifuge for NMR lab facility.
  • Procured One Microscope for Tri-Axial lab facility.
  • Procured 04 Nos. of High end Work stations.
  • Procured 19 Nos. of new All-in-One desktop computers.
  • New 98 inch display system has been procured for the training facility of Institute.
  • Mobile Compactor was procured for the Institute Library.

3. Papers published/presented for National-International Journal/Conferences:

Year Papers Published/Presented
2022-23 National Journal/Conferences International Journal/Conferences Total
  8 3 11

4. IPRs

  • A. Patents Filed: None
  • B. Patents obtained: None
  • C. Copyrights Filed: None
  • D. Copyrights registered: None