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The Institute of Engineering and Ocean Technology (IEOT) was founded in 1983 for innovation, development and acceleration of the future plans of ONGC to achieve self- reliance in technology. The Institute has developed expertise in core fields of Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Risk & Reliability Engineering, Materials & Corrosion Engineering. Alternate Energy section was set up in 2012.

 Highlights (2022-23):

1. Significant Projects:

High impact projects of IEOT during 2022-23 are given below:

  • Structural integrity assessment (SIA) of 21 platforms based on requirement received from Offshore Assets & Offshore Engineering services, which are of vital importance in timely execution of various Offshore projects for production enhancement.
  • Life extension study of 17 platforms referred by IMR.These studies are helpful in getting   regulatory clearance from OISD for continued usage of these platforms for oil & gas production.
  • Soil investigation of 12 offshore locations. Inputs of these reports are vital for design and successful installation of jacket platforms.
  • For identifying optimum dose of Oil Corrosion Inhibitor(OCI)/Gas Corrosion Inhibitor(GCI), Evaluation & efficacy study of Corrosion Inhibitor at high temperature for Panna - Mukta Complex – Bassein & Satellite  Asset
  • Completed HAZOP studies of 12 facilities and QRA studies of 14 facilities for Offshore & Onshore installations for the safety enhancement & regulatory compliance.

2. Technologies upgraded/ inducted:

  • Upgradation of SACS Software:  SACS Software has been upgraded to new edition SACS CONNECT V16.0. Upgraded version of software comprises of latest codes for analysis along-with enhancement in user interface.
  • Automation of M&C Laboratory with state-of-the-art Abrasive Cutting Machine for metallographic samples: IEOT has procured Abrasive Cutting Machine for metallographic samples with automatic cutting provision.
  • Upgradation of PHAST/SAFETI software : A new version of PHAST/SAFETI software (from version 8.61 to 8.7) with additional features installed for performance enhancement of Quantitative Risk Assessment studies includes CFD capabilities for modelling Jet Fires.
  • Digital Ultrasonic cleaner for laboratory up-gradation: IEOT procured a digital Ultrasonic cleaner for laboratory up-gradation.

3. Papers published/presented for National-International Journal/Conferences:

Year Papers Published/Presented
2022-23 National Journal/Conferences International Journal/Conferences Total
  9 13 22

4. IPRs

  • A. Patents Filed: 01
    • Formulation of Chlorides, Bromides, Calcium and Cesium free aqueous High-Density Low-Corrosion Fluids for Ultra HPHT Oil and Gas Well Exploration         
  • B. Patents obtained: 01
    • IEOT-ONGC secures a Patent from Government of India for “Method for Reassessment of fixed offshore platforms” based on innovative methodology on 02.03.2023.IEOT developed this in-house methodology which is highly beneficial and has been successfully implemented in numerous occasions for reassessment, requalification and recertification of offshore platforms.     
  • C. Copyrights Filed: None
  • D. Copyrights registered: None