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Virtually launching ONGC’s Parenting and Career Guidance program, Director (HR) Dr Alka Mittal noted that ONGCians are committed to their parenting role, while focusing on their own career and contributing towards the growth of the organization and the nation at large. ONGC launched its HR initiative, “Better Parenting and Career Guidance Program”, on the Children’s Day – 14 November 2021.

Speaking on the occasion, Director (HR) Dr Alka Mittal joyfully conveyed her wishes for the children’s day to all participants and spoke on the importance of responsible parenting as children are the future of nation.

Director (HR) addressing the virtual gathering at the launch of “Better Parenting and Career Guidance Program”
Director (HR) addressing the virtual gathering at the launch of “Better Parenting and Career Guidance Program”

Dr Mittal also spoke on the importance of scientific career guidance and also shared her experiences of being at the career decision crossroads with her children. She shared essential parenting tips with employees.

CGM (HR) Chief HR Initiatives Divya Capoor gave the opening remarks and elaborated the program benefits. She shared that this initiative aims to help ONGC employees as parents to understand the importance and complexities of career decision making and gave a brief on how the career guidance programme will guide participating children towards an academic and career path that they will enjoy and excel at. She thanked Direct (HR) for introducing this significant HR initiative that will not just add to employee engagement and employee productivity but also create benefits for society and nation.

ONGC Pilot Program on Parenting for Employees and Career Guidance for Wards

Career Guidance Programme (100 students): To enable kids of class 8-  12 to discover themselves and their ideal paths through

  • Career Assessment - to scientifically measure their interests, personality and abilities.
  • One-on-one Online Career Counselling session with career counsellors (90-120 mins)
  • Lifetime access for Mentoria’s Knowledge Gateway to get a detailed understanding of their chosen careers
  • Build deeper & more realistic perspective of what goes on in their chosen careers through webinars by industry experts (SME) from those fields.

Master Counsellor Workshops on Parenting.  (06 Workshops): To help parents tackle key parenting challenges across age groups, tips & techniques to manage common parenting issues such as

  • Managing emotions & anxiety of growing children.
  • Pandemic Parenting
  • Learning & Development across childhood stages
  • Promoting Learning & Development Among Children
  • Effective Communication Between Parents & Children
  • Addiction to Technology, Social Media & Gaming

Covid -19 has adversely affected societies across the world in some way or the other. Every individual of any age group is processing and dealing with it in their own ways. Children are worst affected by the pandemic, least spoken about and are the most ignored social group. Abrupt closures of physical classes, shift to online classes, confinement into the boundaries of four walls, social and physical isolation have disrupted childhood and has impacted growth, learning and development. Children are left isolated, anxious and irritable. Parents are also forced to full-time manage the education of their children apart from focussing on their professional and personal commitments. In view of above, it was felt important to equip ONGC employees with essential parenting techniques and help ONGC wards define and determine their career aspirations.

ONGC has partnered with M/s Mentoria, a social impact venture to enhance the parenting skills of employees and help wards scientifically outline their academic and career interests. Dr. Ashish Arora of Mentoria then steered the Career Discovery Workshop where he elaborated the roles, responsibilities of parents and techniques of parenting with active participation from the audience. He detailed the various academic and career opportunities for school going children.

Founder & MD Mentoria Dr Ashish Arora giving the overview of the program
Founder & MD Mentoria Dr Ashish Arora giving the overview of the program

Feedback of the Workshop

The program was a huge success with very encouraging feedback of participants. Over 310 ONGC employees gathered with their families and children of age groups 03 to 19 years to celebrate the launch of this program. HR Initiatives Group informed that the enrolment modalities for career guidance workshop for students and workshops on parenting and registration for both will soon be shared through ONGC Reports.

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