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CEWELL is a premier institute which provides integrated petrophysical solutions to various Assets and Basins. CEWELL aids in preparing robust petrophysical models and provide inputs for risk reduction in E&P portfolio. This institute develops work flows for realistic evaluation of frontier exploration areas such as thin bed, Basement, Shale gas, Gas Hydrate, complex carbonate and low resistivity & low contrast reservoirs. It also generates valuable and valid petrophysical lab data viz. petrophysical parameters (a, m, n, mineralogical compositions) and magnetic resonance characterization for realistic pore volumes and producibility of reservoirs. This institute has been the nodal agency for geomechanical studies and building calibrated geomechanical models for reducing NPT and identifying sweet zones for well placement and planning effective stimulation jobs.

Highlights (2021-22):

1. Significant Projects:

  • Rock Physics Modeling of wells for Hazad Sands in Gandhar 3D-3C area, Phase-II & III (G-502 & G-509)
  • Petrophysical Evaluation & Rock Physics Modelling (RPM) in Pasarlapudi Area of KG Basin
  • RPM and petrophysical studies using core- log data integration in selected wells of Padra Field
  • Petrophysical characterization using cores and advanced log data to address productivity, Hydro-fracturing and mobility of complex lithology reservoir of Panna Formation of Heera Field
  • Processing and re-evaluation of the well logs in order to understand L-1 reservoir and extend its limits
  • Rock physics modelling for reservoir characterization of Bassein play in Ratna involving recently drilled/ upcoming exploratory wells
  • Determination of petrophysical and rock-mechanical properties of Formations in Sundulbari and Kunjaban Area from cores
  • Petrophysical characterization using cores and advanced log data of Panna Formation of R-13 & R-12 field
  • High Frequency Acoustic velocity measurements on cores of Tight Reservoirs of Malleswaram & Mandapeta (with KDMIPE)
  • Sensitivity analysis of Log & Lab based geomechanical inputs in hydro fracturing design (with WSS)

2. Technologies upgraded/ inducted:

  • Modelled compressional and shear log data using Rock Physics Modelling (RPM) of gas hydrate wells of KG offshore
  • RRM plug in Module for conversion of Russian Logs on Tech Log Platform is being studied with the evaluation of well data
  • New advanced workstations were procured (4 nos) which are of upgraded specifications to be able to work with advanced Techlog modules
  • Rock physics modelling of Gas Hydrate Reservoirs through Integrated Core and well log data in NGHP-02 area in KG offshore Basin, India has been completed and report submitted to different agencies
  • Polarizing Microscope was procured and installed
  • Installation and commissioning of Refrigerated centrifuge (CPR 30 Plus} from REMI Technologies, newly purchased equipment for CEWELL's Petrophysics Lab, was completed

3. Papers published for National-International Journal:

Year Papers Published
2020-21 National Journal International Journal
  0 2

4. IPRs

A. Patents Filed: 01

  • Method for Petrophysical evaluation for clastic gas hydrate reservoirs using stochastic multi-mineral modelling

B. Patents obtained:


C. Copyrights Filed:


D. Copyrights registered: