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Highlights (2021-22):

1. Significant Projects:

High impact in-house projects of INBIGS during 2021-22 are given below:

  • Field implementation of Bioremediation technology

    The research outcomes of the R & D project were applied on bioremediation of crude oil contaminated soil & effluent in oil fields. These field jobs meet the goal of control of pollution and environmental protection in an inexpensive manner arising due to crude oil contamination in soil and water during accidental spillage and processing operations. So R&D work in bioremediation is indirectly contributing in treating operational wastes, addressing local environmental issues and avoiding disruption of operational activities for oil and gas production. After bioremediation the oil contamination level brought down to acceptable limits laid by regulatory agencies like pollution control boards.
    Bioremediation of 31 No. effluent and oil contaminated waste pits in Panidihing, Lakwa, Geleki, Rudrasagar, Borholla & Khoraghat oil fields. About 140 MT oil contaminant soil was bio remediated at KHBC & BRDT site. Approx. 38626 m3 oily effluent 140 mt oil contaminant soil were bio remediated which contributed Rs. 9.38 crore as notional saving.

  • Geo-microbial Hydrocarbon Prospecting study in Kagomarigaon-Suphyam-East Lakhibari area, Golaghat district with GP 08.  485 samples were collected by Institute of Biotechnology and Geotectonic Studies (INBIGS), Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Jorhat in grid pattern form.
  • Bacteriological Monitoring of Water Injection Plants in Borholla and Nambar GGS. Total 41 samples were tested in the year 2021-22 and recommended for biocide dose optimization.
  • Water Quality Monitoring of water treatment plants and water supplies in ONGC Colonies at Cinnamara A&AA Basin, Assam. Total 335 nos of samples analysis and sent feedback to maintenance group for maintain quality as per Indian Standard 10500:2012.
  • ONGC Pan IIT collaborative research project with IIT, Roorkee

    Process optimization and scale-up of bioethanol production using fractional hydrolysis and high cell density co-fermentation technique.
    Research on alternate energy sources to develop a viable sustainable technology that can fulfill the current energy demand.

2. Papers published for National-International Journal:

Year Papers Published
2020-21 National Journal International Journal
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3. IPRs

A. Patents Filed: 01

  • Process for production of liquid transportation fuel via catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae biomass, November 30, 2021, Application No. 202111055352, India.

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