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Keshava Deva Malaviya Institute of Petroleum Exploration (KDMIPE) was setup as a UNDP aided institute in 1962 as Regional Training Institute (RTI). In 1970, it was renamed as Institute of Petroleum Exploration (IPE) and on 19th December, 1981, it was rechristened as Keshava Deva Malaviya Institute of Petroleum Exploration (KDMIPE), in the fond memory of the Father of Indian Petroleum Industry and the first Petroleum Minister of Independent India - Shri Keshava Deva Malaviya. It was the first institute of ONGC which used to process the sample, received from various exploration and production fields and send detailed and analytical reports, when ONGC took up exploration of oil and gas to build up its reserves and meet the energy requirement of the country. As the organization progressed, nine more R&D institutes were constituted to cater various needs of the organization.

KDMIPE is one of the 10 DSIR recognized R&D institutes of ONGC. The main objective for KDMIPE include unravelling the complexities of habitat of petroleum through synergistic geo-scientific research, evaluation of hydrocarbon potential of sedimentary basins, development of exploration models and to firm up & prioritize prospects in various plays, prioritize operation activities through long term perspective & strategic planning and techno economics. Expanding exploration horizon in underexplored / unexplored basins and carving out blocks for OALP bidding have been taken up in mission mode.

KDMIPE is the only institute of ONGC which undertakes almost all the aspects of exploration and related activities. In a single phrase it can be summarized that

“From outcrops to exploratory tests, KDMIPE covers all aspects of Geoscientific and Basin Research”.

Highlights (2022-23):

1. Significant Projects:

Few of the significant projects undertaken by KDMIPE during 2022-23 classified under following heads are given below:

A. Emerging/ Consolidation Plays

  • Geochemical Characterization and thermal maturation of Mesozoic Source Rocks in Indian Sedimentary Basins.
  • Analysis of variation of formation water salinity across different litho-units of KG-PG Basin and its relation on diagenetic and clay mineralogical variations.
  • Prospectivity Evaluation and Sedimentation pattern of syn-rift sequence (Paleocene-Early Eocene) play in Cambay-Tarapur and Ahmedabad-Mehsana Blocks, Cambay Basin using Sequence Stratigraphy.
  • Hydrocarbon Prospectively of west of trench area of west Andaman Basin.
  • Integrated study for prospectively evaluation and development of basal clastics along with basement in Mumbai High field and adjoining areas.
  • Sequence Stratigraphy of Oligocene-Miocene sequence in the areas South of Matsyapuri- Palakollu Fault and adjoining Shallow Offshore, KG-PG Basin.
  • Evaluation and understanding of petroleum system in west of DCS, Diu Block, Saurashtra Low and Deep water Areas of Western Offshore Basin.

B. Basin template

  • Basin Template for major basins - Comprehensive G&G Model of Andaman Basin.

C. Field Technique

  • Development and evaluation of different organic  polymer gel systems at different temperatures for water shutoff job.

D. Identification of probable hydrocarbon

  • Micro Gravity API in Ashoknagar Area of Bengal Basin.

E. Inter Institute

  • Petrophysical & Rock mechanical studies on specifically designed cement molds for designing effective cement slurry.

F. Mature Plays

  • Chemometric classification and geochemistry of oils in Heera -Panna  -Bassein block, Western Offshore Basin.

G. New Plays

  • Surface Geochemical and Geomicrobial Survey in Paror-Jogindernagar in Kangra-Mandi PEL area, Himalayan Foothills Integrated G&G and field studies along selected Geological traverses in Spiti-Zanskar Basin.

H. New Technique Development

  • Optimization of geochemical extraction method of Uranium and estimation of REEs from subsurface deposits in Sagar and Padra area.
  • Plate Tectonic Evolution of India.

I. Reservoir Management & Development

  • Reservoir Performance Analysis of Rudrasagar Field through Classical Reservoir Engineering Methods.

J. Umbrella Projects

  • Source rock evaluation of samples from new exploratory wells of Indian sedimentary basins
  • Vitrinite reflectance studies of samples from exploratory wells of Indian Basins
  • Geochemical investigation of new oil finds in Indian sedimentary basins
  • Geochemical Characterization of natural gases from exploratory wells of Indian Sedimentary basins
  • Hydro-geochemical evaluation of formation/ surface / effluent water samples and major/ trace element analysis of oil/ soil/ sediment/ chemical samples
  • Biostratigraphic studies of samples from exploratory wells
  • Sedimentological, biostratigraphic and geochemical studies of samples from exploratory wells of Frontier Basins
  • Sedimentological studies of samples from exploratory wells
  • Log data processing, analysis of wells of Asset/Basin. Estimation of average reservoir parameters and log analysis of exploratory wells for REC. Petrophysical studies on core samples.
  • Thermodynamic studies of bottom hole samples

L. Unconventional Plays

  • Field and laboratory investigations of coals from CBM Blocks
  • Basement Prospectivity evaluation for intra Grabenal highs  and NE plunging part of PY-1 high through fracture network analysis and other attribute studies in the block CY-UDWHP-2019/1  of  Cauvery Offshore

2. Technologies upgraded/ inducted:

  • Gamma Detector System (GDS): For measurement of gamma activity of irradiated samples for recently established Ar-Ar dating facility
  • SPECTRALL:  Analytical Facility for Lab & Field Spectroscopy

3. Papers published/presented for National-International Journal/Conferences:

Year Papers Published/Presented  
2022-23 National Journal/Conferences International Journal/Conferences Total
- 22 22

4. IPRs

A. Patents Filed: 04

  • A system and method for quantitative estimation of thermal maturity of crude oil  
  • A method for Identifying hydrocarbon bearing zones in Basement Reservoirs
  • Method of evaluating Physio - Chemical conditions and events during diagenesis of sedimentary rocks.
  • A method for simultaneous isolation and identification of benzocarbazoles and benzo[b]naphthothiophenes

B. Patents obtained: 03

  • Microbiological Method of prospecting for Hydrocarbon Exploration
  • A system and method for quantitative estimation of thermal maturity of crude oil
  • Method of evaluating Physio-Chemical Conditions and Events during Diagenesis of Sedimentary Rocks

C. Copyrights Filed: None

D. Copyrights registered: None