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ONGC Academy facilitates ’EXPONENT’, a comprehensive training programme, Skilled Development Centres (SDCs) and globally recognized domain experts for nurturing the energy leaders of tomorrow.  After the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, ONGC Academy immediately took the lead to facilitate online trainings. The process of seeking nominations, feedback forms and issuance of training completion certificates was automated. Six institutes are presently conducting online trainings. This has resulted in a paradigm shift in the training process of ONGC and has also led to massive cost savings.

Highlights (2021-22):

In 2021-22 ONGC Academy has conducted 225 online training programmes. The total manpower trained was 8854 with 40147 training man days including sponsored training programmes.

During the year, under GT Induction Training Programmes, 294 GT trainees were exposed to various E&P activities through General Theoretical Training (GTT), Multi-Disciplinary Field Familiarisation Training (MDFF), Specialised Training (ST) and On Job Training (OJT). All interactions and GTT were organized in online mode.

161 Management Programs were organized during 2021-22. For developing critical mass of leaders through a system of career planning & development, ONGC Young Leaders Program for E4-E5 Mid-level executives and Future Energy Leaders Program for E1-E3 Junior level executives were organized by ONGC Academy through Centre of Excellence.

During the year Functional Training Group (FTG) has conducted 32 online training programmes by in-house Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Domain Experts in the areas of geosciences, engineering & finance.

ONGC academy conducted two number of one day Courses covering relevant topics such as Geo Hazards In the Himalayas and Probable mitigation, water related disasters in the Himalayas – glacial lake outbursts floods ,Forest fires and disasters Risk reduction along with Oil Spill Response, Risks Hazards and Emergency Management In Offshore Operations.

ONGC Academy organized program wherein 46 participants participated from all over ONGC through 9 groups scanned renewable energy opportunities in ONGC and presented to the topmost management for taking it forward. The event was inaugurated by Director (Exploration) and Director (HR) presided over the closing ceremony. All Asset Managers / Chief of Services / Heads of Institutes were invited for one to one interaction with presenters.

ONGC Academy on-boarded Learning Management Software of Ministry of IT, Government of India ( Various components of the system have been successfully tested and rolled out.

New initiatives/highlights undertaken by ONGC Academy during 2021-22 are as under:

  • Harvard Manage Mentor program was launched on 23rd of November, 2021. It contains 42 modules of world class management development content through Harvard Business Publishing.
  • To take care of development needs of the young officers, a Corporate Mentoring Program was launched. The program covered all E1 and E2 level GTs as mentees and about 1500 mentors at senior levels. 25 workshops have been conducted for mentor development through industry expert and mentee orientation.
  • ONGC launched focused leadership program for development of leadership competencies among women executives from E5 to E7 levels. The program was branded ‘Urjasvini’ and drew tremendous response. The program included psychometric assessments, individual and group coaching sessions, though leader interactions, book reviews, syndicate presentations on strategic issues etc.
  • Courses on Renewable Energy, Alternative materials and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV’s) were conducted as capacity building and forward looking technology initiatives for ONGC Institutes/Assets/Services in partnership with center of excellence (CoE), IIT Mumbai.
  • The Enterprise Risk Management Framework of ONGC has been revised by Risk Service Contract (RSC) through M/S KPMG and M/S SAP in accordance with relevant EC decisions. In order to facilitate the roll-out of the revised framework for seamless and efficient implementation from October 2021 onwards, ONGC Academy conducted 16 batches of online training programs for all Risk Stakeholders. The above efforts resulted in ONGC being the first PSU to implement relevant SEBI guidelines on the subject.
  • ONGC on-boarded Learning Management System (LMS) of Ministry of IT, Government of India ( and is the first PSU to do so.
  • To address the challenges faced by organisation, ONGC Academy conducted Courses on Emerging technologies to enable fast adoption of technology and organized the following-
    • Alternate Materials- GFRP in Oil & Gas Sector’ to adopt Use of Fibre Reinforced plastic  Composites in pipes and pressure vessels.
    • Use of Drones/Robotics in ground, underwater and aerial domains for Construction, troubleshooting, health monitoring and surveillance of Pipelines and Oil and Gas sector.