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  • ONGCian Pankaj Advani creates history with his 3rd grand double
  • Pankaj Advani wins record 10 world titles
  • Pankaj Advani - First player in the world to win world titles in the long and shorter formats of both billiards and snooker
  • Pankaj Advani – Arjuna Awardee; Snooker National Champion (2014)
  • Rupesh Shah – Arjuna Awardee; Gold medal, Asian Billiards Championship;
  • Alok Kumar – Billiards National Champion (2013), Silver medal, World Billiards Championship; Bronze Medal, Australian Open Billiards Championship
  • Sourav Kothari – Billiards National Champion (2014), Silver medal, Australian Open Billiards Championship