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After the discovery of the giant Bombay High and numerous onshore fields already on production, there was a need to address the issues of reservoir management. The Institute of Reservoir Studies (IRS) was established at Ahmedabad on 18th May 1978 with the objective to develop and apply reservoir engineering techniques to maximize hydrocarbon recoveries through proper reservoir management of oil & gas fields.

IRS, an ISO 9001:2015 certified R&D Institute is the nodal agency for formulating the development schemes of oil and gas fields of ONGC with state of the art Data Centre to carry out seismic to reservoir simulation. The emphasis is on Integrated Reservoir Management combining Seismic, Geological, Well logging, Reservoir and Production. It works as a premium agency with modern laboratories facilities to prepare long-term strategies for EOR (Chemical, Thermal, CO2 and High Pressure Air Injection) applications, design, commissioning and monitor EOR processes in mature fields to enhance secondary and tertiary recoveries.

Highlights (2021-22):

1. Significant Projects:

High impact projects of IRS during 2020-21 are given below:

  • Simulation study of Kalol Sands in Gamij Field
  • Simulation study of OBS Pay of Padra Field
  • Probabilistic Modeling on Updated GCM of B-193 Field
  • Simulation study  of NBP Field on revised GCM guided by 3D-4C OBN data
  • Collaborative Projects with University of Texas at Austin, USA for development of Chemical formulations for ONGC fields
  • Preparation of GCM of NBP field guided by 3D-4C OBN data
  • Feasibility study of  Air Injection  in K-IX & K-X sands of Ahmedabad Field & Pilot design through Simulation studies
  • Revisiting full field ASP implementation in K-IX+X sand of Viraj
  • Feasibility of Polymer Injection & Revisiting Air injection efficacy in Lanwa Field
  • Fine Scale Simulation and preparation of prediction model of L-III North of Mumbai High Field
  • Streamline Simulation of Mukta, Bassein and Panna Layers of Heera & South Heera field
  • Compilation of Mineralogical Data for Onshore & Offshore Fields of ONGC
  • EGR screening report of four fields of Tripura Asset
  • Laboratory investigation of thermodynamic and compositional changes of CO2-EOR scheme of Lanwa field
  • Performance Review & Simulation Study of  Mandhali, Mehsana and Linch pays of North Kadi Field

2. Technologies upgraded/ inducted:

  • Development and implementation of file tracking software “CONCUR” for seamless online peer review and approval of study reports
  • Development of software for mineralogy prediction by applying Machine Learning techniques on XRD data and Well logs
  • A comprehensive software for relative permeability studies
  • High Pressure Syringe Pump
  • Zeta potentiometer/ Dynamic Light Scattering
  • Surface tension meter/ Force tensiometer
  • Turbidity Meter
  • DO Meter
  • Aging Cell
  • Automatic Imbibiometer
  • tNavigator Simulation Software
  • INTERSECT Simulation Software
  • Production forecasting optimization software

3. Papers published for National-International Journal:

Year Papers Published
2020-21 National Journal International Journal
  8 4

4. IPRs

A. Patents Filed:


B. Patents obtained:


C. Copyrights Filed:


D. Copyrights registered: 1

  • RESEMBLE (The software is for performing Material Balance studies on entire gamut of hydrocarbon reservoirs – oil, gas, HPHT and CBM)