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The Institute of Engineering and Ocean Technology (IEOT) was founded in 1983 for innovation, development and acceleration of the future plans of ONGC to achieve self- reliance in technology. The Institute has developed expertise in core fields of Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Risk & Reliability Engineering, Materials & Corrosion Engineering and Alternate Energy section was set up in 2012.

Highlights (2021-22):

1. Significant Projects:

High impact projects of IEOT during 2021-22 are given below:

  • M/S Vedanta Limited, JV Operator - Ravva field, East Coast of India requested ONGC- IEOT to carry out Structural Integrity Assessment (SIA) of Jacket Structures of RE, RF, RG & RH Platforms (4 Platforms located in Ravva Field operated by JV) for proposed deployment of Independent Leg Jack-up(ILJU) type rig near platform locations. These 4 platforms were originally designed for drilling with mat supported rigs. However, due to unavailability of mat supported rigs, Ravva JV Operator approached IEOT for carrying out SIA of Ravva platforms (RE, RF, RG & RH). After due verification and approvals, IEOT submitted a Techno-Commercial proposal of Rs. 155 lakhs and entered into an agreement with M/S Vedanta Limited on 11.02.2022. Accordingly, IEOT completed the analysis of all 4 platforms and submitted the analysis report which has been accepted by Ravva JV Operator.
  • Structure Department of IEOT completed Structural Integrity Assessment (SIA) for 23 offshore jacket structures including life extension of 3 platforms & resulted in cost saving of 1.5m USD by optimization of underwater Type-III inspection joints based on member importance & joint criticality analysis.
  • During the recent Tauktae cyclone in western offshore of India, HC platform had a collision with Barge Papaa 305. Structure Department of IEOT carried out detailed vessel impact assessment study of HC Jacket structure on priority basis and submitted recommendations on 16.07.2021 for early re-certification of the platform & resumption of production.
  • The SOP formulated by M&C Section, IEOT on Corrosion Mitigation and Monitoring of Well Fluid Lines and Water Injection lines has been distributed to all onshore and offshore assets for its implementation and uploaded in SOP portal of OR.Net.
  • Based on recommendations of project study on “Geotechnical Soil investigation for 'WIS-R' (Platform) location, Mumbai High field (2018-19)”, the New WIS-R Platform (an 8-legged Water Injection-cum-Living Quarter platform) was installed in May-2021.
  • Liquidated OISD audit observation requiring HAZOP/QRA studies for 27 onshore installations.

    HAZOP studies for – Ankleshwar CTF Complex, Ankleshwar Asset; Ramol EPS; Palatana GMS; Konaban GCS; Fire Water system to Check Adequacy of FW Pump Availability in Panna Process Complex; QPS Parbatpur, Jharia Block; Gandhar GGS-IV, Ankleshwar Asset; Ankleshwar GGS-IV, Ankleshwar Asset; Gandhar EPS-253, Ankleshwar Asset; CPF Gandhar, Ankleshwar Asset; GGS Motwan,Ankleshwar; Sanand  GGS-I, Ahmedabad Asset; ADB - GCS ,Tripura Asset; Gamij EPS-IV, Ahmedabad Asset; Kalol GGS-VII, Ahmedabad Asset and Modifications in Hazira Plant
    QRA studies for - Moran CTF, Assam Asset; EPS-2, Bokaro Block, CBM Bokaro Asset; Ramnad GCS, Cauvery Asset; Ramol EPS; Konaban GCS, Tripura Aset; Kamalapuram EPS, Cauvery Asset; TVR#6  EPS, Cauvery Asset; Nannilam EPS, Cauvery  Asset; Lakwa GGS 1 & CTF, Assam Asset; ADB - GCS ,Tripura Asset and Gamij EPS-IV, Ahmedabad Asset

  • Demonstrated that OISD section 189 for Firefighting system is adequate for GCS even after installation of DPD unit.

2. Technologies upgraded/ inducted:

  • A new version of PIPENET software (from version 1.10.0 to 1.11.0) with additional features installed for performance enhancement of Firewater Adequacy studies.

Additional Features: Spray / Sprinkler overboard dump valve improved. All calculation elevation warnings and errors are clearly reported, rather than only the first.

  • A new version of PHAST/SAFETI software (from version 8.4 to 8.6) with additional features installed for performance enhancement of Quantitative Risk Assessment studies.

    Additional Features:

    • User-friendly improvements to the 3D viewer 
    • Various modelling improvements, including:
      • A new model for predicting thermal radiation from flares and high-pressure jet fires
      • Improved modelling for dense releases of buoyant materials (e.g. hydrogen, ammonia and methane)
      • Excel export/import for admin materials, allowing for easier, more efficient editing of material data
  • SACS Software Update (Version
    • Implement API LRFD 2nd Edition design code.
    • Extend bottom un-braced length option to AISC codes:-The SACS Suction Bucket program generates a SACS model for the analysis and design of offshore structures with a suction bucket foundation.
    • Pile 3D - Attachment of structure on top
    • Explicit Stiffeners in the Joint Mesher (Technical Preview available now).
  • Orcaflex Software Update (Version 11.1c)
    • A new option has been added to the batch form to skip dynamics. When this option is checked, dynamics will not be performed for OrcaFlex data files (.dat or .yml), even if dynamics is enabled for the model.
  • Procured, installed, commissioned, Hot Air Ovens, 02 (TWO) Nos. for testing of soil samples at geotechnical laboratory.
  • Latest version of Grapher software V.19 has been procured through Government e Marketplace, installed, commissioned on 31.03.2022
  • Procured 01 no. of “Automatic Hardness Testing Machine with Installation”.

3. Papers published for National-International Journal:

Year Papers Published
2020-21 National Journal International Journal
  0 8

4. IPRs

A. Patents Filed: 01

  • System and a Method for Optimized Reliability Analysis of an Offshore Platform

B. Patents obtained: 02

  • Process of preparation of corrosion inhibited completion fluids for oil and gas wells
  • Composition for Mitigating Corrosion in Oil and Gas wells and a Process of Preparation thereof

C. Copyrights Filed: 01

  • CRPS (Corrosion rate prediction software)

D. Copyrights registered: 01

  • CRPS (Corrosion rate prediction software)