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ONGC Energy Centre (OEC) functions under the aegis of the ONGC Energy Centre Trust (OECT), which was set up by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd (ONGC), under the Indian Trust Act, on 8th August 2005, with a mandate to undertake and/or assist/collaborate in research for developing and/or improving the technology options, applications, viable energy mediums and sources, especially in clean and renewable energy options which have the potential to make an impact on India’s energy scene.

The Chairman & Managing Director of ONGC is the Chairman of the ONGC Energy Centre Trust.  The other Trustees include some of the full time Directors of ONGC, some of the eminent persons from the field of science and technology, and the Director General of the ONGC Energy Centre.

VISION: “Harness science and technology to meet national energy needs of tomorrow, in a clean and sustainable manner…”

R&D Activities  

ONGC Energy Centre (OEC) is engaged in in-house research, through own scientists/research teams as well as collaborative projects jointly taken up with some of the leading national academic and research institutions since 2007. In addition, OEC is also working with some international academic institutions/companies to develop some technology options to harness renewable energy. 

The research facilities and offices of ONGC Energy Centre are located in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai (Panvel). In addition, research facilities are operational at Dehradun as well. OEC is also setting up research and pilot facilities at Vadodada.

Biotechnology R&D Facility of OEC at Dehradun

In order to leapfrog to carry out R&D, where in-house facilities are not fully developed or/and if required to supplement the in-house efforts, OEC follows two approaches (i) to directly interact with the academic/research institutions with known research base in the identified area of research or (ii) solicit collaborative proposals through open Call for Proposals.  Based on the requirement of OEC, interest of that institution, availability of essential research facilities for the proposed work at the institution and mutual agreement on broad approach for the proposed research work, joint proposals are developed and mutually discussed to finalize the scope of the work, work methodology and deliverables etc.

The output of such project implemented by OEC is also reported as joint publications and filing of patents, where ever feasible.  OEC has collaboration for R&D work with some of the leading academics and national research institutions.

The current broad areas of research pursued by OEC include (i) Sub-surface Uranium exploration and recovery by in-situ leaching process; (ii) Hydrogen Energy, (iii) Biotechnology for Energy, (iv) Solar Energy; (v) Geothermal Energy and (vi) Kinetic Hydro Energy.  In each of these Programs, there are basic core activities which includes (a) technology scanning and assessment, (b) resource identification and potential assessment, (c) software based modeling for resource assessment, product design and process development etc.,  (d) testing and characterization,  (e)  development and strengthening of in-house facilities, (f) organizing and supporting seminars, workshops, conferences etc., (g) specific in-house projects and (h) identification and implementation of collaborative project with other institutions. Most of the projects in these areas have been taken up for the first time in the country and many of the projects are in advanced stages of implementation or recently completed the initial research to develop and demonstrate the process. Therefore, OEC is in the process of consolidation of on-going efforts and vertical integration of the activities.

Till 31st March, 2018 a total of 72 Projects were taken up by OEC, of which 29 are under implementation in April, 2018, as per the following details.

As a result of the R&DD efforts by OEC 12 Patents have been filed in the area of Hydrogen Energy (7), Bio-technology (4) and solar energy (1).  This includes 3 international patents in Hydrogen Energy, filed in six countries.