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ONGC Energy Centre (OEC) is engaged in In-house and collaborative research in various energy options. Some of the key technology areas where the OEC is working include- (i) Hydrogen Generation, (ii) Solar Energy, (iii) Biotechnology for Energy, (iv) Uranium Exploration and ISL process for Extraction, (v) Geothermal Energy, (vi) Kinetic Hydropower for Electricity Generation.

OEC is interested in taking up collaborative research with Indian academic, research or industrial organizations to work on Development of Low Cost Silicon Material suitable for manufacture of high efficiency silicon solar cells.

The developed silicon material should have high life time and other properties including impurity levels, which should be suitable to make high efficiency (>18%) large area solar cells. The estimated cost of silicon material (estimated at a level of 100 T per year capacity) should preferably be around Rs. 600 per kg (all inclusive).

Interested organizations may send a concept note giving information of proposed scope, methodology, time frame, energy consumption estimation and deliverables (including tentative/targeted specifications of the material proposed to be developed) to