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CEWELL is a premier institute which provides integrated Petrophysical solutions to various Assets and Basins. CEWELL aids in preparing robust petrophysical models and provide inputs for risk reduction in E&P portfolio. This institute develops work flows for realistic evaluation of frontier exploration areas such as thin bed, Basement, Shale gas, Gas Hydrate, complex carbonate and low resistivity & low contrast reservoirs. It also generates valuable and valid petrophysical lab data viz. petrophysical parameters (a, m, n, mineralogical compositions) and magnetic resonance characterization for realistic pore volumes and producibility of reservoirs. This institute has been the nodal agency for Geomechanical studies and building calibrated geomechanical models for reducing NPT and identifying sweet zones for well placement and planning effective stimulation jobs.

Highlights (2020-21):

1. Significant Projects:

  • Permeability Estimation/mapping of Nandigama sands in Malleswaram field using Data Analytics
  • Characterization and Geo-mechanical parameters estimation of potential reservoirs in development of KG-OSN- 2004/1
  • Facies characterization of recent Basement wells in Cauvery Basin
  • Reservoir characterization through Rock Physics Modelling for wells of Mukta field
  • Petrophysical Analysis of pay sands within Mandapeta formation of Mandapeta field, KG On land
  • Petrophysical evaluation of high-angled wells to estimate saturation profiles
  • Log & Core analysis for better understanding of geological model, petrophysical characterization & geo-mechanical studies of Eocene sequences (Tura, Sylhet & Kopili) of UAN block.
  • Standardization of T2 cutoff values (NMR lab project)
  • Standardization of Geo-mechanical Parameters through uniaxial and tri-axial lab data
  • Depositional settings, Sand body orientation, & clay mineralogy studies of S-I and S-II sands in GK-OSN-2009/1, GK-OSN2010/1, GK-28/42 area.

2. Technologies upgraded/ inducted:

  • DS Petrophysics Software
  • Geolog-20 installation & up gradation in 4 HP Z800 Workstations
  • Testing of Advanced Acoustics and Geomechanics modules of Techlog for refining the stress estimations started in co-ordination with Schlumberger team
  • XRD commissioning and successful utilization for analysis of Low resistivity Ardol Formation
  • Horizontal well Evaluation
  • Data analytics for Permeability Prediction

3. Papers published for National-International Journal:

Year Papers Published
2020-21 National Journal International Journal
  1 1