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After the discovery of the giant Bombay High and numerous onshore fields already on production, there was a need to address the issues of reservoir management. The Institute of Reservoir Studies (IRS) was established at Ahmedabad on 18th May 1978 with the objective to develop and apply reservoir engineering techniques to maximize hydrocarbon recoveries through proper reservoir management of oil & gas fields.

IRS is the nodal agency for formulating the development schemes of oil and gas fields of ONGC with state of the art Data Centre to carry out seismic to reservoir simulation. The emphasis is on Integrated Reservoir Management combining Seismic, Geological, Well logging, Reservoir and Production. It works as a premium agency with modern laboratories facilities to prepare long-term strategies for EOR (Chemical, Thermal, CO2 and High Pressure Air Injection) applications, design, commissioning and monitor EOR processes in mature fields to enhance secondary and tertiary recoveries.

Major decisions of ONGC regarding hydrocarbon exploitation are based on the recommendations given by IRS. Over the years IRS has formulated field development schemes for almost all the fields and carried out periodic reviews of fields on production. This Institute also caters its services to ONGC Videsh and JV fields of ONGC.

Highlights (2020-21):

1. Significant Projects:

High impact projects of IRS during 2020-21 are given below:

  • Simulation study of MHN-LIII Reservoir for Phase-V Redevelopment of MHN
  • Further Development of  Basal Clastics of Mumbai High
  • Simulation study for commercialization of ASP project in K-IV pay of Jhalora Field
  • Full field Polymer Flood in Bechraji field
  • Feasibility study of Air Injection in K-VI & K-VII sands of Gamij Field
  • North Kadi polymer flood
  • Simulation study of Miscible CO2 injection in Central Block of GS-8 Sand of Gandhar Field
  • Fast track implementation of CEOR pilots in 12 Onshore fields through EOI route
  • Miscible CO2 in Gandhar field
  • In-house developed gel systems and application in fields for controlling unwanted production of water from oil reservoirs by carrying out water shut off jobs (WSO) jobs in oil producers. Similarly, profile modification (PM) jobs in water injection wells to enhance the effectiveness of ongoing water injection programmes.

2. Technologies upgraded/ inducted:

  • Software for EOR screening of ONGC fields (EOR Ranker) and water injection optimization (CRM – Phase II) have been developed. The software “EOR Ranker” is used for screening of all the ONGC fields.
  • Software “RESEMBLE” for performing Material Balance of Oil and Gas Reservoirs has been developed for one field. Its user testing in other fields is under progress.
  • A comprehensive software for study and analysis of HPHT reservoirs has been developed.

3. Papers published for National-International Journal:

Year Papers Published
2020-21 National Journal International Journal
  1 2

4. IPRs

A. Patents Filed:


B. Patents obtained:

  • Process for removing scale deposits in effluent dispatch lines
  • A process for increasing recovery of a Hydrocarbon Gas in a Subterranean Formation

C. Copyrights Filed:


The software is for performing Material Balance studies on entire gamut of hydrocarbon reservoirs – oil, gas, HPHT and CBM.

D. Copyrights registered: