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Established in November 2003, in the historic, culturally rich and highly industrialised city of Vadodara, School of Maintenance Practices (SMP) is the flagship of Technical Services. The institute was established as a 'Single Window' with the aim to provide comprehensive technical development of Maintenance Engineers and therefore the focus of trainings are the Field Engineers who operate and maintain the Oil Field Equipment.

Major Highlights for the year 2020-21:

Against revised MOU target of 105 trainings, SMP has organized 122 trainings (121 Nos. of online training programs and one classroom training). Due to COVID-19 pandemic, all these trainings were conducted in virtual mode except one classroom training and one site workshop on TDS at offshore drilling rig. OEM/OES and Government Institutes like National Skill Training Institute (NSTI), National Power Training Institute (NPTI) and National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) have used visuals, animations and soft simulations to make trainings as effective as classroom mode of training. Total 852 ONGC employees have been trained during the year.II.

Four (4) New Training Programs, as listed below, have been conducted during the year:
i) Six (6) new Training Programs, as listed below have been conducted during the year

  • Off-grid /On-grid Solar power system
  • MV Drives (Elect.)
  • VFD House AC Drives of AC-AC new generation drilling rigs
  • Siemens Sinamics- S 120 (Elect.)
  • Domain Expert on LV VFD House (Elect.)
  • Refresher and certification course for crane operators (Class room mode)

ii) Specialization training for Graduate Trainees
7 batches of Graduate trainees (total 76 Nos.) were trained against a plan of 07 batches.
Discipline wise break up of GTs training during the year is given as under:
Mechanical                                   :          38 Nos. in 3 batches
Electrical                                      :           43 Nos.  In 3 batches
Instrumentation & E&T                :          23 Nos. in 3 batches 
iii) Training program for 2020-21 (plan vs achievement):

Year Number of Programs Number of Executives Trained Man-days Trained
  MOU Target Achievement    
2020-21 105 122 852 4273

iv) Initiatives taken by SMP are as follows:

  • During the FY 2020-21, due to COVID-19 Pandemic SMP has been conducting all the training programs in Online Mode on MS Teams & Cisco WebEx and Google Meet apps. One refresher and certification course for crane operators was conducted in classroom mode.
  • The complete data for the online trainings organized by SMP in FY 2020-21 has been codified and updated in SAP. The analysis of data has helped SMP in generating reports. The data can be accessed by all Assets/Basins /Plants /individuals and can help in planning the development needs of individuals.
  • A new Post Training Feedback form to be duly endorsed by the Controlling Officer has been devised by SMP to evaluate efficacy of trainings conducted by SMP.