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Institute of Biotechnology & Geotectonic Studies (INBIGS) was established in May 1989.The main objectives of INBIGS is to take up innovative research in the frontier areas of petroleum biotechnology and Geotectonic. INBIGS strived to enhance the R&D activities particularly on environmental protection, enhanced oil recovery, geotectonics and alternate sources of Energy.

Highlights (2022-23):

1. Significant Projects: High impact in-house projects of INBIGS during 2022-23 are given below:

  • Field implementation of Bioremediation technology: The research outcomes of the R & D on bioremediation of crude oil contaminated soil & effluent project by INBIGS is applied in oil fields. These field jobs meet the goal in controlling the pollution and environmental protection in an inexpensive manner arising due to crude oil contamination in soil and water during accidental spillage and processing operations.
  • To test the effectiveness of organic manure (cow dung) and inorganic fertilizer(NPK) towards enhancing microbial degradation of crude oil contaminated soil in lab scale: Addition of biostimulants like cow dung which is also compatible to the environment and is mainly of organic origin, is often regarded as waste as it has no economic value to the ordinary man helped in speeding up the process of bioremediation jobs in field.
  • Geomicrobial Hydrocarbon Prospecting to supplement exploratory data input: Serves as clues to the undiscovered oil and gas accumulations.
  • Bacteriological monitoring of injection water in Nambar & Borholla water Injection Plants: To monitor the quality of injection water (presence of SRB and GAB) for effective water flooding to enhance the crude oil production.
  • Process optimization and scale-up of bioethanol production using fractional hydrolysis and high cell density co-fermentation technique collaborative project with IIT Roorkee.
  • Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons contaminated soil/water by microaerophilic/anaerobic bacterial consortium collaborative project with Texpur University.
  • Membrane based process for treatment of wastewater from Assam and Assam Arakan Basin, Jorhat Workcentre and recycling of Water collaborative project with CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat

2. Technologies upgraded/ inducted: None

3. Papers published/presented for National-International Journal/Conferences:

Year Papers Published/Presented
2022-23 National Journal/Conferences International Journal/Conferences Total
  3 3 6

4. IPRs

  • A. Patents Filed: 02
    • Novel Fractional Acid Hydrolysis Process/Method For The Production Of Fermentable Sugars From Lignocellulose Biomass
    • Fractional Hydrolysis Reactor System For Acid Hydrolysis Of Lignocellulose Biomass
  • B. Patents obtained: 01
    • A process for removing Hydrogen Sulphide and Gainfully recovering carbon dioxide from waste gas
  • C. Copyrights Filed: None
  • D. Copyrights registered: None