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The Institute of Drilling Technology (IDT) was set up in 1978 at Dehradun to tackle the immense challenges of Oil & Gas well drilling operations. Over the years, with the services of dedicated, efficient & experienced workforce the Institute has emerged as a "Center Of excellence" in the fields of R&D, technology induction and training. It provides its techno-economic expertise & solutions to various field problems faced by various services of ONGC with the ultimate objective to promote cost effective E&P activities of the company. The strategic advantage of amalgamating the fruits of R&D with the enriching training elements has increased its efficacy.

Highlights (2021-22):

1. Significant Projects:

  • Design and formulation of Drilling Fluid Program for well MPM& MPAA to be drilled in Masimpur field
  • Performance Evaluation & Framing Specification of Liquid Potassium Formate
  • Efficacy of enzyme “Epygen” in various Drilling Fluids used in ONGC
  • Designing of Low Toxic Synthetic Oil Based Sub-Hydrostatic Completion Fluid
  • Well Engineering of HPHT Well # PSD-AA of Rajahmundry
  • Planning of Horizontal well # GKKN_H in 3CP with 6” Drain Hole completion in Assam Asset
  • Guidelines for Cement Jobs for zone transfer having well fluid as NaCl brine up to 1.20 Sp. Gr. and CaCl2 brine up to 1.40 Sp. Gr.
  • Suitable Cement Slurry Design for Cement Rise up to surface approx. 1800m column for wells of KALOL field for safety of Hydro Fracturing Jobs
  • Suitable Cement Slurry Design for Cement Plug/ Squeeze jobs at Work over Rigs in case of total loss condition

2. Technologies upgraded/ inducted:

  • Auto-Driller System (ADS): Inducted 5 units of ADS to the Rigs of Sivasagar, Agartala, Ankleshwar, Rjahmundry and Jorhat (one unit at each) as pilot project on rental basis for one year
  • Liner While Drilling (LWD) System: For drilling of 8 ½’’ phase of 4 Wells of Mumbai Offshore on pilot basis
  • Exploring of an indigenous substitute of cement additives for shale gas wells
  • Designing of an Eco-friendly Water Based Mud (WBM) using brackish water

3. Papers published for National-International Journal:

Year Papers Published
2020-21 National Journal International Journal
  0 0

3. IPRs

A. Patents Filed:

  • An IPR filed for Indian Patent for “Process for preparing non cementitious loss control composition” on 01.09.2021, Application No. 202111039586.
  • A PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) Application filed for above IPR on 27.01.2022, Application No. PCT/IN2022/050062.

B. Patents obtained:


C. Copyrights Filed:


D. Copyrights registered: