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The Institute of Drilling Technology (IDT) was set up in 1978 at Dehradun to tackle the immense challenges of Oil & Gas well drilling operations. Over the years, with the services of dedicated, efficient & experienced workforce the Institute has emerged as a "Center Of excellence" in the fields of R&D, technology induction and training. It provides its techno-economic expertise & solutions to various field problems faced by various services of ONGC with the ultimate objective to promote cost effective E&P activities of the company. The strategic advantage of amalgamating the fruits of R&D with the enriching training elements has increased its efficacy.

Highlights (2020-21):

1. Significant Projects:

  • Design of Well # Azor-1X SE Part of CPO-5 Block, Colombia (Well Planning under Existing MOU between ONGC Videsh & IDT )
  • Design of Exploratory HP-HT Well  #PRW-AA,  of KG Basin ; Drilling Services, Rajahmundry
  • Effect of salt sensitive shale on cementation on HPHT environment; Sponsored by Rajahmundry Asset
  • Analysis of Poor primary cementation against shale sections ; Sponsored by Mehsana Asset
  • Guidelines for placing isolation plug for radioactive source
  • Design of Completion / Testing Fluid of Potassium Formate with Micromax for different densities.
  • Designing of inhibitive MMO based drilling fluid stable up to 140 °C
  • Designing of Reservoir Cleaning Fluid for MMO mud.
  • Testing of Indigenous loss circulation material (single sack) for procurement and field implementation under Make In India Campaign (Mumbai High Asset).

2. Technologies upgraded/ inducted:

  • ThixoLite Loss Cure - An innovative unique in-house solution for lost circulation, Field trial of ThixoLite Loss cure system has been done in Neelam field.
  • Innovation of Resin (particle free fluid) for water shut off job 
  • Induction of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Technology - MPD technology has been successfully used for the drilling of wells in Baramura & Rokhia fields.
  • Induction of Casing While Drilling (CWD) Technology - Identified Casing while drilling technology for avoiding the issues of surface drilling in offshore. DS, Mumbai  proposed for 30” & 20” CWD in 6 wells on pilot basis in view of 30” conductor piling issues and further drilling for 20” casing. IDT approached the Service provider and carried out Techno-economic feasibility of using CWD in surface sections.

3. IPRs

A. Patents Filed:


B. Patents obtained:

A drilling fluid composition comprising micro bubbles